Natus Vincere opens FIFA division!

Na`Vi.FIFA lineup:

image Igor «MC_BAD» Panasenkp (Team manager)
image Aleksander «BlooD» Ryabkin
image Evgeniy «Yozhyk » Mostovik
image Anton «AdreNaLinE» Poddubniy
image Aleksander «ToTsi» Shramko

We had a small talk with image Evgeniy «Yozhyk » Mostovik and image Aleksander «ToTsi» Shramko: 

Hi guys! What have you been doing lately? How did 2011 start for you?

Yozhyk: I was enjoying my spare time and partying in January =) Most of the time I spent with my girlfriend, once per week played football with my friends. The year started well but holidays are over and we have to study. There is still some time to get a gaming pad and play few matches - training is a key to success.
ToTsi: Usual stuff: working, studying. Nothing really special, it hasn't pass much time since holidays yet.

What do you feel about joining Natus Vincere?
Yozhyk: Before joining, I was aware that this is a very serious organization with ambitious plans. I'll be glad to represent flags of the team which is known as world Counter-Strike champions. Our guys will do their best to show impressive results in FIFA, too.
ToTsi: I'm glad to be a part of such a successful team as Natus Vincere. We hope that FIFA team will be as successful as CS team.
Hero and styla retired but they did much for eSports. Who else is the best at the moment?
Yozhyk: Yeah, I read that German twins retired. It's a pity as I met them numerous times on LAN-tournaments in Germany and China. They were top class players and cool easygoing guys. Their teammate SK.Krone did well previous seasons and won WCG09 in Chengdu, although he wasn't able to defend his title last year in Los-Angeles (yet he was close to that). I'm not sure how he plays FIFA 2011 as he doesn't play ESL ladders. FIFA2011 is different because it has new engine and physics.
ToTsi: Noone. There are new players in WCG top each year. FIFA is getting more unpredictable and random. Talking about new 2011 version, professional players do not have an edge over amateur players due to new engine and auto-passes, that are unable to intercept :)
What plans do the team have now? Will you play any tournaments?
Yozhyk: The most prestigious FIFA tournament, EPS, is starting soon. It was a team battle before but now it is a 1on1 tournament. That's why each of us will do his best. What about LAN-tournaments, Vault City LANs are back and there are many non-Kiev players participating. There are preliminary rounds in February and final tournament with good prize-pool will be played on March, 13th. Our players plan to participate in these LANs and show there good and effective football. Overall I think that we have the best Ukrainian players in the team right now, which we are going to prove once again.
ToTsi: The plan is simple: always stay in the top of all important tournament, both online and offline. The closest online tournament is probably ENC and EMS 1on1. Offline: Kiev League UDL Winter Season and C-C tournaments by Vegas. I don't know anything about international tournaments yet.
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For fighting games we'll plbbaory be contacting the Street Fighter association people again. They'll be running their own torunaments seperate from us. Don't worry there will be street fighter and plbbaory with arcade sticks too.
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