Natus Vincere enters Rage of Titans scen


Natus Vincere opens its own Rage Of Titans squad and therefore enters a promising and fastgrowing RoT community. We believe that this game has everything required for its bright e-Sports development and that was a reason for us to open yet another gaming squad under the flag of our organization. The team consists of young and promising players who are now well motivated to reach an outstanding success with Na`Vi support. We sincerely believe that our cooperation with our new squad will be longterm and fruitful!
The new squad will be managed by image Dmytro "McDee" Bieletsky.
Na`Vi CEO image Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovsky commented on the acquisition:

«Being a leading e-Sports organization, Natus Vincere believes Rage Of Titans has all opportunities to quickly become a new competitive e-Sports title. Rage of Titans is well handled and the game itself has a bright future which particularly highlighted by its presence in the list of official WCG 2011 titles. We believe that cooperation with our newly launched team will be fruitful and their results will comply with the successes of our other star squads».

Na`Vi.RoT lineup:

image Stanislav "Simbad" Voyteshyk (teamleader)
image Alexander "Stalk" Melder
image Alihan "classiQ" Getagazov
image Stanislav "Lovethis" Belorukov
image Ilya "Nori" Cherepanin
image Dmytro "McDee" Bieletskiy (manager)

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