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e-Sports club image Natus Vincere announces a vacancy for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive movimaker. If you follow CS:GO scene closely, able to create cool and stylish video and want to monetize your production - this is a right place for you to start!


All the contenders will have to create 1 (one) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive highlight and the author of the best video will get a position in Natus Vincere. 

We will directly talk to the contestants AFTER they submit their test video. Please carefully read the requirements for test videos:

- The video should be unique and should be done exclusively for this vacancy.
- Please specify how long did it take you to create the video (in YouTube description).
- The actual highlight lenght should be around 30 seconds.

When deciding the winner, we will check the following parameters:


1) How in-game moments are displayed;
2) Effects (including 3D visuals);
3) If the video has any creative things (extraordinary edit, background idea, etc);
4) Music taste and music/video sync;
5) Special intro (block with teams' names, players, tournament, etc);

You should upload the video to your own YouTube channel with EXCLUSIVE description that it was done as a part of Na`Vi contest. Once you do so, please send your link to info{@} We are accepting test videos by March, 18th, 2013. We will additionally announce the results of the vacancy once we check all the test works.

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