Natus Vincere launches World of Tanks yo

ESports Club Natus Vincere is pleased to announce the launch of a separate youtube-channel, where you can watch the latest highlights, game reviews and novelties of the game, as well as movies, video blogs made by Na `Vi players and much, much more!

A series of training videos, which will help the new players to learn the nuances of the game, and the experienced tank crews to learn special ‘Chips’ and just learn something new, will be available at the channel soon.

There will appear a lot of content dedicated to the game World of Tanks and Na `Vi as well at since today.

By the way, we have decided to make a competition for prizes among everyone who signs up for our WoT-channel. There will be different prizes. A current list is following:

Prize fund:

2000 In-game gold  x 3
4000 In-game gold  x 1
10,000 In-game gold x 1
USB Flash Drive Kingston Na `Vi Limited Edition 16 GB x 1
USB Flash Drive Kingston Na `Vi Limited Edition 32 GB x 1
Luckless box (the card with the code from The International tournament 2013) x 1
Courier (random) + 2 x 1 collectible cards


The most interesting thing is the process of selecting the prize. We will have 10 winners, who will receive their serial number.The winner # 1 – will be the first to choose a prize from the list mentioned above. # 2 - The second, # 3 - the third and so on till the prize fund ends. There will be live competition, which will be held among all subscribers of the channel

 The date of the competition is September 17, 2013. The prize fund can be raised!


Subscribe the channel and take part in the competition!


 In addition to all this information we want to announce that we're looking for decent and skilled members for the World of Tanks team. If you have an idea, movie, or a desire to work for this project at the channel - mail us at Do not forget to send examples of your work and put the subject (WoT-channel).

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