Natus Vincere launches eSports forum


Kiev, Ukraine – November, 27th, 2011 г. – Multigaming organization image Natus Vincere is glad to announce its new eSports Forum. The forum combines all popular games and contains numerous subforums where you can ask and discuss all e-Sports related questions, chat with your friends and talk to Na`Vi players. For your convenience, a special forum "Na`Vi International" is created to keep all communication between multilanguage users in English, making everything simple and well-understandable.

In-game currencty «GOLD» (image) is implemented on the forum which you can gain by being active, creating interesting threads and posting valuable replies. You will be able to convert this currency on our new website into various bonuses such as T-Shirts, Jerseys, gaming accessories, practice lessons and so on.

The «Respect Level» (image or image) shows how popular and competent are you on the forums among other users.

image Alexander «ZeroGravity» Kokhanovsky, Natus Vincere CEO:

«I think that our forum will be a Mecca for everyone willing to receive a detailed and in-depth content about e-Sports. We will strictly moderate all threads, removing insults, bad language, harassement, etc, which will make it a good place for all clear-headed and adequate people to be. Our players will also participate in the most heated and popular threads!»

Comment by image Denis «Hireling» Shubovsky, StarCraft II squad streamer and coach:

«We are now a step forward to our new website: today Natus Vincere launches its forum. Now it will be much easier to share one's thoughts, game mechanics, strategies, tricks and so on. Moreover the forum will combine everyone who has a great passion for e-Sports itself. This is very good news especially for me: finally I'll be able to receive a valuable feedback about my streams. So feel free to post your thoughts and possible updates just right now: together we will be able not just to improve the forum and streams' quality, but e-Sports on the whole!»

Comment by image Danil «Dendi» Ishutin, DotA player:

«I am really glad that forum is now launched and I wish you lots of fun there. I hope everyone will find something interesting there, both experienced and novice players!»

Comment by image Ioann «Edward» Sukharev, Counter-Strike player:

«While we are still working on our new website, we will be glad to see you on our new forum. As far as I know, this place will be well-moderated (excluding a special forum :) ), that's why we are looking forward to see all fans of civilized and constructive discussions on Natus Vincere e-Sports Forum!»

Join Natus Vincere Forum right now!

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