DOTA 2 Natus Vincere Weaselcrow Courier


We have once again partnered up with Gamersbook and will be giving away some of our lovely couriers and Antec gear!
Prizes this time are the following:
10 x Na'Vi's Weaselcrow Couriers & 10 x Mythical DOTA 2 Couriers
1 x Antec's Eleven Hundred PC Case
2 x Antec's Case Fans
What do you need to do in order to be eligible in the giveaway? Read below:

To Participate in our Natus Vincere Courier and Antec giveaway, the following has to be done:

Step 1: Register on Gamersbook and Edit your profile (IMPORTANT: Name, Surname, Avatar, Country, etc.).

Step 2: Add Dota 2 to your Games List and become a fan of Valve.

Step 3: Like us on Facebook (Gamersbook & Natus Vincere & Antec)


Step 4: What is your favorite heroes draft for Na`Vi ? Leave your answer in the comment section of Gamersbook by following THIS link! (i.e. Furion + Spectre + Invoker + Shadow Shaman + Chen)






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