Natus Vincere Weekly Review #11

Another week, another weekly review with Natus Vincere and Darth Vader. In this episode: Kuroky is NOT in Valencia, Dendi is NOT in Lviv, Markeloff is rage-quitting, the dragon from Kazakhstan tamed Edward, Natus Vincere outboard and much more. As always, you'll find the SINK-METER at the end of this article. Be careful - it's got teeth.


Fasten your seat-belts, ladies and gentlemen, we're taking off.


One of the main news last week was that Natus Vincere tamed hired one of the most popular casters in the whole CIS. The employee exchange program finally worked out the way it should, so instead of infamous Polina we finally got Aren (Versuta). The editorial is proud to be able and deliver new content to the Russian-speaking fans (let's forget about the unique accent though).


In other news, the same editorial is going to continue the GPM Show with Aren as a host. We've changed the rules: no more choice, only 6 default heroes in every show, and the invitees will have to perform some crazy moves on the most "unfitting" heroes for them.


One of the DotA2 CS:GO players left Natus Vincere. Yegor "Markeloff" Markelov was first to leave the team at his own request. He had been playing in the team for almost 4 years. He had 2,529 Steam hours in DotA2 against 1,183 in CS:GO. Natus Vincere management decided to counter this move by freezing Na`Vi.DotA2 Junior project which was supposed to be led by Markeloff after reaching 5,000 hours in DotA2. But let's get serious - there's nothing surprising in the fact that many successful one-point-sixers choose DotA2 over CS:GO. Oh, Markeloff, do you still remember those good old times?



Right after Yegor's departure, one more player left the team. The management of Natus Vincere investigated his Steam profile but failed to find any evidence of the bad influence from DotA2 or Markeloff. Then the organization decided to hire a detective who found out that Edward had passion for the fantasy books and fairy tales in movies. His favorite character appears to be Hagrid who is well known for his love for Dragons. When Edward was offered to change his team name from Natus Vincere to some kind of "Dragons" he was able to resist against this temptation and declined the offer but couldn't last like this for long. Bad timing indeed.


While CS:GO players were leaving the team under some questionable circumstances, our DotA2 guys were getting ready to perform in Valencia. After their arrival under the Spanish sun, the team discovered that someone was missing. Long story short, Kuroky was trapped in the airport of Berlin after telling the officials there that he was some Grrrand Magus and was heading to Valencia in order to whip some German ass. Fortunately enough, one of those security officials was following the competitive DotA2-scene so Kuroky successfully took his flight in the end.


Mousesports didn't cause any trouble for Natus Vincere whatsoever, and the viewers were pondering whether Na`Vi were that damn good or Mouz were just trying to preserve some kind of special strats for The International 2013. We'll find this out in early August. The team was supposed to spend only 3 days in Spain but one does not simply leave Valencia. In the morning of the 20th of July (departure date), the Ukrainian part of the team found themselves in the hotel while their aircraft was already flying towards Kiev. One can only guess what exactly forced the players to celebrate their $5,000 win THAT hard and if there was anything left of this sum after the party concluded. In the end, the guys managed to fly home. By the way, the VODs are already available.


While DotA2-players were conquering Valencia, our tank crew brought their death machines firstly to Himmelsdorf (whatever it means), and then took a ride through the Steppes of Ukraine. We're talking about our World of Tanks team of course as well as about their performance in the Wargaming golden league with $136,000 in the prize money. Last week, Na`Vi players faced R4ge and Myr both of whom were beat with a 4-1 score which allowed Natus Vincere tankers to top the rating with 6 points. Way to go, tankmen! By the way, this week the division will be represented by the Israeli flag, so get your fire extinguishers ready.


Last weekend Natus Vincere once again proved themselves as the strong competitors on the virtual battlefields. Unfortunately, the female-champions of the CIS couldn't repeat their success and left the competition in the forth round where they faced an unknown team Lights. Nevertheless, our ladies managed to beat COTR, Svoi, and ERASE. Let's give them credit for these nice victories and hope that they will be able to fight their way from SEMI to PRO series in SLTV.


That's all, folks. Let's wrap up today's review with our patented SINK-METER.


Event Level of immersion
Last week points 13 meters
Employee exchange program 5 meters
GPM Show: Reloaded 5 meters
Markeloff's rage-quit 20 meters
Edward falls for dragons 40 meters
Grrrand Magus at the airport 2 meters
Flawless victory in RC D2L 10 meters
Good-bye, Valencia (finally) 3 meters
Unstoppable tank crew 5 meters
Girls power 15 meters (5 meters for each victory)
Total: 2 meters

Want to prove the sink-meter wrong? Welcome to the ban the comment section below! Suggest your own criteria for the sink-meter and if we find it good enough - we'll add it!

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