Natus Vincere present Dota 2 set for Que


Natus Vincere presents exclusive set for Dota 2 - Queen of Pain - Succubus Set. This item is now added to Steam Workshop and should it is  confirmed by Valve will be featured in Dota 2! Queen of Pain - Succubus set consists of four items: Mace, Helmet, Shoulder and Wings. All these iteams will transform a Queen of Pain into a true tempter which will drastically change your attitude towards this young lady!  


Our target is to get 10 000 likes. Should we succed with this aim, we will set up a stand-alone workshop studie and you will be able to actively participate in our development of Dota 2 by suggesting your own ideas, participating in our private dev-polls and benefit from our Steam Workshop raffles.


After accomplishing with the goal, we will reward all the participants by giving away 30x Queen of Pain: Succubus Sets, 10x Na`Vi Hoodies and 10x Natus Vincere Jersey 2013/2014 season. Read the giveaway details below and now meet the Queen of Pain: Succubus Set:



Ingame video:


Queen of Pain: Mace Succubus Set 

Queen of Pain: Helmet Succubus Set

Queen of Pain: Shoulder Succubus Set

Queen of Pain: Wings Succubus Set


After the item is added to the game and it receives 10 000 likes, we will give away the following items among everyone who supports the set and post his or hers comment in the Steam Workshop: 30 х Queen of Pain: Succubus Sets, 10 х Na`Vi Hoodies and 10x Natus Vincere Jersey 2013/2014 Season.




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