Natus Vincere invited to FragBite Master

Organizers of the upcoming Swedish tournament FragBite Masters have already invited 12 strongest (in their opinion) teams in the world, and we can find Natus Vincere amongst them. Continue reading to get yourself acquainted with this list of teams and also to learn the prize pool details.


So, below you may the almost full list of squads that will be taking part in battling for $21,500 in prize money:


  • image NiP
  • image Titan
  • image Clan-Mystik
  • image ex-AD
  • image
  • image 3DMAX
  • image fnatic
  • image LGB eSports
  • image
  • image Na´Vi
  • image dignitas
  • Team Property


“Almost” – because, firstly, the other 4 teams will be determined as part of special qualifying competitions, and secondly, cause besides those grandees invited, whose names don’t require any special introduction, some Team Property have crept into the tournament whom we know very little about.  


However, taking into account that the tournament has Swedish roots, we can assume that the invited unknown squad will also turn out to be Swedish. At least, its players certainly are experienced in international competitions. Rumors have it that it is either Delpan’s mix, or boys from TBA (maxAki, roque, Spitfire, eksem, SKYTTEN). In any case, we’ll know for sure quite soon. 


Follow the updates.

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