Natus Vincere are invited to G1-League q

Several days ago our organization learned that Natus Vincere is invited to a qualifier for the popular Asian tournament called G1-League. Today, we can finally make this information public.
There will be several other invited teams along with Natus Vincere. Our squad will be joined by the likes of Team Liquid, No Tidehuner and Later, this list will be updated with four teams who will make it through the pre-qualifier. At the moment, tournament organizers haven't released the regulation terms of the main qualifier, but it's already known that the winners (1st and 2nd places) will be awarded with a right to participate in G1-League while the organizers will cover all traveling expenses and accommodation.
The prize pool of G1-League will be $60,000 and the distribution of this money will look like the following:
  1. $40 200
  2. $12 800
  3. $4 800
  4. $3 200
  5. $1 600
  6. $1 600
Please, note that the LAN-tournament is planned for early May in Shanghai. Right now, our team is eager to find out the dates and regulations of the upcoming qualifier.


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