Natus Vincere vs Artyk, Mouz/4FC at WePl

Today, Natus Vincere's fans will be able to watch long awaited matches of the DotA2-roster. There will be at least two games (at most - three of them) during the second group stage at WePlay DotA2 league. Na`Vi will face: Artyk, Mousesports and 4FC. All matches will be streamed in Russian language. The openning game will be:


This is the first official match of team Natus Vincere in the last two weeks, so today we will find out actual condition of the team before the G-1 qualifier and EMS One. The video-stream will be added later.

The rest of the games:

Group Bimage NTH, image RoX.KiS, image Fnatic, image aL.Academy
Group Cimage Qpad Red Pandas, image Kaipi, image Team Dignitas, image Empire
Group Dimage Liquid, image Evil Geniuses, image Fnatic, image Keita-Gaming


Group А (13.04)
Team Matches Win Loss Points
image Natus Vincere #2 3 2 1 6
image Mouz #1 2 2 - 6
image 4FC 2 - 2 -
image Artyk Gaming 3 1 2 3

 image Na`vi [2:1] image Artyk

 image Mouz [2:0] image 4FC

 image Mouz [2:1] image Na`vi
 image 4FC [0:2] image Artyk
 image Na`vi [2:0] image Artyk


Update: - team NTH was replaced by  Mousesports in our group.

Prize money distribution of the league:
1 place: 5000$ + devices (1500$)
2 place: 2500$ + devices (500$)
3 place: 1200$ + devices (1000$)
4 place: devices (1500$)
5-6 places: devices (1000$)
7-8 places: devices (500$)
You'll find the details on league's official website.
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