Natus Vincere versus Fnatic in SteelSeri

Today, on 24th of May at 20:00 CET the SC2players of Natus Vincere will be participating in the tournament called Steel Series King of the Hill. Our guys will have to tackle current "King" - team Fnatic. The winner will get $500 which is not too bad for a single fight on Friday night, is it? You'll see 5 exciting matches in a Bo1 format. Also, you might enjoy the commentary from our one and only Denis "Hireling" Shubovsky. You don't want to miss this!


Natus Vincere [4:1] Fnatic

image Naama [0:1]  image Minato
image NightEnd [0:1]  image Strelok
image Harstem [1:0]  image LoWeLy
image Pink [0:1]  image Slavik
image MiniRaser [0:1]  image Strelok

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