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More than 2 months have passed since the main Dota 2 tournament of 2013. Most of the participators managed to change the roster a few times already, some teams have already recovered and returned to the competitive scene, and even the most emotional fans' blaze is weaker now. Although the dust after such a major event has already settle, it won't hurt to remember the 2 months old even, more specifically – Natus Vincere's performance on The International 2013. To accomplish this mission, we will use data in numbers from the event.  

All in all, Na`Vi has played 30 games in the tournament in 12 meetings. They've dropped maps to teams as Fnatic (2:0 in the prelims), (1:1 also in prelims) and twice to Alliance (2:0 in upper bracket final and 3:2 in the grand final). Now let's move to the part that every game begins with – picks and bans. While the picks are always visible, the bans are forgotten as soon as the creeps spawn. What heroes were the most unwanted ones for our team?

The hero that Natus Vincere didn't want to see anywhere after the draft stage, is Batrider, that gets the 1st place second month in a row. 22 bans from Puppey, while 18 times it was the first ban from our team. On the second place we have Naga Siren, that on the previous The International has scared everyone with its carry potential, but now she takes care of the support role pretty successfully, but in protracted games can afford items for successful split push.


On the third place we have Naix, that's considered to be one of those carries, that are useful for their teams right in the beginning already, and by building just a few cheap items on these hero, you can fight pretty well already. Other heroes, like OD, Chen and Nature's Prophet are in the list for pretty obvious reasons. Ending the top-5 we have Enchantress. Now let's check the heroes that were banned a lot, but not enough to take the upper part of the list. 

One of the most popular heroes on this list is Anti Mage. He was banned by Puppey 5 times, in most matches against Asian teams that are known for their love to protracted games. It's also important to add that Io, who was on the top ban charts just in July, has rolled off to the bottom of this table.

While bans of heroes like Lich and Sand King are sporadic, they are still pretty odd, because the typical viewer of "European" professional Dota isn't used to see their icons at all. Another interesting fact is that heroes like Lone Druid and Io were banned by our team only once. And just not so long ago all professional teams were looking with horror at a glowing ball that was coming to them with its teammate. 

As we can see, as usually, XBOCT rushes in front of his teammates, showing off his unbelievable stability in the frags section. But Dendi on the other hand has 26 less frags than in July. But both started to suicide much less. The master farmer of Na`Vi couldn't beat the 1000 GPM mark in one game in 3 months, but in TI3 he was decently close.


This ends the Natus Vincere in numbers for August and we begin to prepare the September one, that should be ready soon.

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