Natus Vincere disbands its StarCraft 2 s


The new year eve has always been the right time to sum up all major events of the year. image Natus Vincere is not an exception and by analyzing the current status of our gaming squads we have decided to disband our StarCraft 2 squad. The major factor that led to this decision was lack of satisfying results by team players.

We thank to all our players that have been representing the organization during this year. We appreciate their contribution to the team and wish them sincere good luck. Most probably we will come back to StarCraft 2 title in the end of 2012 but will be still following the scene with image Denis “Hireling” Shubovsky still representing Na`Vi.SC2 as our official broadcaster for this e-Sports discipline. Below you can read the statements by our CEO and teamcoach.

Comment by Na`Vi CEO, image Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovsky:

As you know, Na`Vi has always strived only for gold medals druing every tournament and championship. Unfortunately that was not the case with our StarCraft 2 squad. We want to thank our players for their contribution to the team and organization. I wish them good luck and firmly believe that they will develop their gaming skills. We will start re-building new SC2 Heart of the Swarm team in September, 2012.

Комментарий от экс-тренера Na`Vi.SC2 и официального стримера команды, image Дениса "Hireling" Шубовского:

We had to take a very difficult decision these days. I'm sorry to infrom that we've decided to disband SC2 division of Na `Vi teams. I'm extremely sorry, but we had no other options. We were trying hard to find at least one viable solution for 2012 but we couldn't. While it's a sad event, I still would like to thank our players, they have been improving their gaming level for the whole year. I am confident that each of them will make us happy with their matches and victories in the future. I'd also like to give many thanks to Natus Vincere team for the opportunity to practice and compete under their tag. A lot of work has been done, but it's still not enough.

Comment by ex-player of Na`Vi.SC2,  image Vasily "Panda" Kuznetsov:

Despite the fact that this piece of news is quite unexpected, I was glad to play in such a good and friendly team. I wish good luck to everyone.

Comment by ex-player of Na`Vi.SC2, image Alexander "ALF" Yatsenko:

I appreciated the opportunity to play under my native flag. It has always been a great incentive for me. And it will be forever. I don't want to stop and I promise to move forward, even if I have to do it not under the Na `Vi flags.

Comment by ex-player of Na`Vi.SC2, image Svyatoslav "HappyZerg" Vlasyuk:

I want to thank Natus Vincere for cooperation! I am sorry that we will not longer collaborate but will still support other squads of the team!
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