Natus Vincere releases its League of Leg

Today image Natus Vincere oficially releases its current League of Legends team. The main factor that led to this decison was a lack of required results and poor level of team's performance. Having had failed to get any notable achievements, both the team and organization came to a mutual decision to disband the current squad. This means that the team is not going to exist on its own and the players will most look for their e-Sports fortune in other organizations.





On behalf of Natus Vincere organization we would like to thank all the players for representing our tag worldwide and want to wish them a sincere luck in pursuing their e-Sports dream. The team gave us an immense experience in the new to us League of Legends competitive title and we will reinforce and re-enter the scene right after Season 2 with our new team. Thanks to Philipp, Victor, Anthony, Rasmus and Markus for being a part of Na`Vi!


Statement by Natus Vincere CEO, image Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovskyy:


"Na`Vi has always been a world class team. When we acquired League of Legends squad, we set up outstanding and extraordinary objectives. The team reached a pretty decent level of gameplay shortly after and later on started to get into prize money of various online tournaments. However the most important qualifications and LAN tournaments were lost. We did not take the decision carelessly and have been discussing everything for about a week. I would like to thank guys for all the time we were together in Na`Vi and wish everyone good luck. Right after Season 2 we will start searching for new players to create new League of Legends team. Stay tuned!"


Statement by ex-team leader, image Victor "Citizen" Toll:


"Since my team did not improve fast enough and our performances in the latest tournaments didn’t meet the expectations, the only reasonable decision right now is to disband the team.  Since I want a lot from esports and Natus Vincere obviously expects their teams to perform, things can’t go on as they did until now. As the captain, my responsibility for our bad performance weighs heavier than for everybody else, though i can say that I learned a lot in the past months, as a player, as a team captain and as an actual person, and i thank everybody involved for that.  Parting ways with former mates and a great organization is always unpleasant but sometimes necessary. I thank Natus Vincere and all our fans for the great support i experienced here"


Comment by image Rasmus Zulow "nesrilaS" Pedersen:


"It's very sad that we have had to disband our team and part ways with Na`Vi, but because of recent events we saw no other solution, we hadn't been as successful as we needed to be to advance to the season 2 regionals or in OGNs The Champions. With that in mind a lot of us had to rethink if we wanted to stay together until season 3, but we came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be worthwhile since a few of us wanted to start studying. We all had a great time playing together, both in failure and success, Na`Vi has also been one of the greatest organizations to play under and they've supported us fully in everything we did. I wish the best to all my former teammates and Na`Vi, who hopefully can find a new squad to represent them properly for the future. I, myself, will probably not quit e-sports as a whole, but continue to a lesser extent while focusing on my studies and other things in real life"


Comment by image Anthony "Antogyn" Giniers:


"We all had very high expectations when creating this team and joining NaVi. Unfortunately, the recent results haven't been satisfying enough for any of us, and after observing a certain lack of improvement we agreed that the best decision for everyone was to simply disband the team. I really would like to thank NaVi and their sponsors for giving us a chance, and all the fans who have supported us so far"


Ex-Natus Vincere.LoL line-up:


image Philipp "SAND" Bennek

image Markus "kottenx" Tingvall

image Victor "Citizen" Toll

image Rasmus Zulow "nesrilaS" Pedersen

image Anthony "Antogyn" Giniers

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