StarSeries XIII: Na`Vi to play in group А


The groups of StarSeries XIII were recently announced, UkraineNatus Vincere getting to group A along with Ukraine FlipSid3 TacticsFrance LDLC White and PolandINSHOCK. The prize pool of the tournament has reached 68 000 USD, which is the largest sum in the history of "star" championship.


Participant teams were divided into four groups each compounding of four teams. The group stage will be played in Double Elimination format, afterwards two best teams of each group will get to the second group stage.


The first match of the tournament will be held on 19 May, at 21:00. It will be an encounter of International Kinguin and former players of the organization Denmark CPH Wolves. The Swedish teams Sweden NiP and Sweden fnatic won't participate in the tournaments. However, we'll see the best players of France, Denmark, Ukraine and Germany. The leaders of the tournament include: Ukraine Natus Vincere, France Titan, France EnVyUs and Denmark Team SoloMid. LAN-finals of the tournament will be held 19-21 June in Kyiv. 3 Best teams of each group will participate in them.

The winners of SLTV StarSeries Season XII

French players of EnVyUs won in the tournament's grand final, having defeated NiP twice: 16:9 at de_cache and 16:1 at de_inferno. 
About the prize pool:
50 000 USD will be given out as prizes, and remaining 18 000 USD will cover the travel expenditures of the LAN-final participants.

Prize pool ($ 50 000)

top 1 place - $ 22 000 

top 2 place  - $ 12 000 

top 3 place - $ 7 000 

top 4 place - $ 4 000 

top 5-6 place - $ 2 500

Group stage participants:

Group A:
  • Ukraine Natus Vincere
  • Ukraine FlipSid3 Tactics
  • France LDLC White
  • Poland INSHOCK
Group B:
  • France Titan
  • International HellRaisers
  • Germany PENTA
  • Russian Federation Piter
Group C:
  • Denmark Team SoloMid
  • Bulgaria GPlay
  • Denmark Dignitas
  • Spain x6tence
Group D:
  • France EnVyUs
  • Denmark ex-CPH Wolves
  • International Team Kinguin
  • Poland Gamers2


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