Natus Vincere, SteelSeries and 3OHA51 to



Contest period: from April, 26th to May, 29th
Demotivators accepted: from April, 26th to May, 29th
TOP-15 Demotivators decided: on May, 25th
Final voting: from May, 26th to May, 29th
Winners decided: on May, 29th

How to create your Demotivator:

1. Follow this link (
2. Upload a photo you want to edit.
3. Write your "Title" and "Text" (you may use either or both) and click "View".
4. Save the picture you got and sent it to with a subject "may demotivators".

Contest rules:

- Your demotivator should be funny. Or at least you should try to make it funny.
- All inappropriate works will be ignored (bad language, harassing, abuse, etc).
- The amount of Demotivators per one participant is unlimited.
- Your Demotivator should be unique. All plagiarism will be ignored.
- Feel free to choose any pictures you want: our photogalleryvkontakte gallery, facebook gallery, any other galleries, etc.
- Your Demotivator should be build around Team Na`Vi, Team Na`Vi logo or Team Na`Vi player(s).

How winners are decided:

On May, 29th, our team will pick the best 15 works that will join the final voting. These works will be primarily decided by the amount of "likes", however that factor may not be decisive. TOP 15 works will be moved to separate facebook album where everyone would be able to vote for the best Demotivator by clicking "i like it". The contest winner is decided by the amount of "likes" in the final contest gallery; The second place is decided by Team Na`Vi; The third place will be public voting runner-up.

Have fun and good luck!


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