Natus Vincere Weekly Review #10

Darth Vader has finished building his Death Star, so now he can get back to you in order to bring you another edition of Natus Vincere weekly review. This time you will discover the dangers of the caisson disease, crunch the numbers, learn Chinese, hunt down EG, and most importantly - once again measure Na`Vi's success for the past week with our patented SINK-METER. Let's go!


We'll start with the victory of Natus Vincere at Alienware cup. After the team hit the bottom in the group stage some viewers got comfortable with the thought that the first play-offs for Na`Vi will become their last. However, the play-offs showed us that one can not only crawl being down to the very bottom - it's also possible to push far away from it if performed correctly. That's exactly what Natus Vincere did. While everyone's guessing was it a planned deception or just a team captain being too slow, Darth Vader will share his own opinion on this matter. Darth Vader is almost sure that the group stage was played by a Russian football team under the Na`Vi's name. That's why even a single victory is a very, very good result. By the way, there here are some photos from the tournament.


While everybody's watching the VODs from the group stage to find out what nickname did Kerzhakov use, we're gonna crunch some numbers. Of course, we're speaking about the series of articles where Darth Vader broke down in precise details the results of Natus Vincere in June. Darth feels very proud for having accomplished such a task but you should feel free to voice your own thought on those articles in the comments n order for Vader to make it even better next time.


Some time ago, Evil Geniuses organization launched a SC2-league and invited Na`Vi to participate. Unfortunately, our team will have to face the organizers' team in the very fist match. Are we scared? Of course, we are. How could we not be afraid of the gaming teenagers. But we're more unhappy with some other stuff. The thing is that EG postponed this match first time about a month ago because the couldn't bring their Koreans to play it. That time they didn't have an interpreter or something. Last Friday the match was postponed once again until this Monday. On Monday it was shifted towards Thursday. Natus Vincere organization would like to remind EG that their contract with Jaedong expires soon so they'd better hurry up with this thing.


Now, let's take a look at the CS:GO team which suffered twice last week. It all started with an ESEA match when after a hard battle overpowered Na`Vi on train with a 19-17 score. Where are the good old times?... It was like an anomaly: after confidently topping the group, passing through the quarterfinals and the semifinals, Natus Vincere faced the only fight worthy contender and lost. Anyhow, Edward was able to cheer up the fans a little bit by dancing in his chair:


While the schoolkids are trying to learn those moves, we're going back to our DotA2-players who gave us some reasons to laugh during their trip in China. Alexander "XBOCT" Dashkevish likes to troll the foreigners but fell for a trap himself this time. After losing in the upper bracket his "stock value" dropped significantly, which resulted in casters rating him as low as 4.




From now on, every time XBOCT is asked about how he's doing his reply is: "Somewhere around 4, I guess". When the tournament was almost over, Daniil "Dendi" Ishutin unexpectedly wrote in the chat that he's very grateful to LGD for such a wonderful match so he wished every member of their team to live long happy lives he asked Xiao8's girlfriend out. After realizing what a mistake he's done, Daniil apologized saying that Xiao8's girlfriend asked him to write that. So you better don't trust the Chinese girls (or the Ukrainian guys).

We're moving onto the moment when the team got back from China. The very same day the guys had to play three Bo3 matches (or 6 games minimum). The most sly players apparently were Funn1k and Puppey: the former said he got sick while the latter reported his location to be Riga. Just like in school days. As a result, the first match versus ICCUP was played with 2 stand-ins. By the time of the match against both the sick and the absent miraculously managed to appear for the game. Despite the hero moves from Gleb and Klement it was impossible to gather all five players for the third match so the team played with a stand-in because XBOCT was off to "torture himself with Narzan" and also with Dendi's other half.


One week before the last week a female DotA2-tournament took place in Kiev. In the past, female eSports was predominantly filled with Counter-Strike ladies. Today it's DotA2. This transition almost certainly means something but nobody figured out what exactly yet. Anyhow, Natus Vincere's girls ended up winning the event, so raise your lightsabers hands and show them some love, boys!


While you're trying to imagine what could have happened to the girls in Kiev, we're happy to announce that we've spent yet another over9000 hours to present you another DotA2-set. This time it's for Anti Mage. Our Queen of Pain wasn't added to the game but we don't lose hope because the Death Star will someday punish VALVe and force them to add a Gabe Newell set for Pudge.


Let's get this review done on a positive note. As you know, Natus Vincere recently acquired a World of Tanks team. Last week these guys earned themselves a right to participate in the finals of the international tournament held by GeForce company. The prize pool will be $100,000. We would probably save enough money to build another Death Star, you know.


We finally got to the SINK-METER. Let's measure the last week with our exclusive tool!


Event Level of immersion
Victory at Alienware after 1-7 in the group 35 meters
New "Na`Vi in numbers" series 5 meters
Hunting EG ↑1 meter
Defeated by the in-toed 2 meters
Defeated by Nostalgie 25 meters
Edward's dance moves ↑1 meter
ХВОСТА got trolled ↓1 meter
Inappropriate Chinese 2 meters
Three wins with stand-ins 5 meters
Na`Vi ladies fighting ↑1 meter
No money, no sets 10 meters
Tanks 5 meters
Total: ↑13 meters

Want to prove the sink-meter wrong? Welcome to the ban the comment section below! Suggest your own criteria for the sink-meter and if we find it good enough - we'll add it!

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