Natus Vincere in group C at Dreamhack Su

This Friday the DotA2-roster of Natus Vincere will fly to Sweden to participate in the upcoming Dreamhack Summer tournament. Unfortunately, the organization will be represented by only a single team at this event. The reason behind it is that CS:GO-squad isn't quite prepared for the big tournaments while SC2-players are practicing for another event which we will announce later.
Tonight Dreamhack organizers published the results of the draw in DotA2. You'll find the details in this news below.
Natus Vincere got placed into group C along with Evil Geniuses and Flipside Tactics. The remaining vacant spot will be taken by the winner of the BYOC-qualifier. Despite Na`Vi being the favorite to top this group, it's worth mentioning that EG outplayed the team twice in the play-offs of the previous Dreamhack tournament which took place in winter 2012.
As for the unknown Flipside Tactics team, it's impossible to put these guys on the same level as Na`Vi and EG even though Miggle, Ryze and Miracle play for them. Thus, it's safe to assume that the fight for the first place in the group will be seen between Natus Vincere and Evil Geniuses.
Group А: image 4FC, image Lions Pride, image Team Liquid, image Mousesports
Group B: image Dignitas, image TCM-Gaming, image uebelst, image
Group C: image Natus Vincere, image EG, image Flipside Tactics, BYOC
Group D: image Alliance, image Fnatic, image Quantic Gaming, BYOC
Factoring in all of the above, we should highlight that group D seems a little bit unbalanced which will, no doubt, add some spice to the matches early in the tournament. The games in group C will start on Sunday. The details will become available in the coverage which will be published the day after tomorrow. will be on site to provide the readers with tournament coverage. It means photos, video, and more! Stay tuned for Dreamhack Summer 2013 which will take place on 15-17 of June!
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