Natus Vincere during March through June

Natus Vincere organization is pleased to announce its approximate tournament schedule for the next three months.

Both of our squads will gather at the training base in Kiev in a matter of few days. Our first goal, of course, will be the Techlabs stop in Moscow which will take place in the shopping center "Mega Khimki" during 22nd and 23rd of March. This will give our fans an awesome opportunity to follow Na`Vi's matches live, as well as talk to our players, take their autographs, and also win gaming devices with the logo of the team on them!
In a week, hot Counter-Strike action will move to Copenhagen which will be held during 27-31 of March and will gather the best European teams. In between Techlabs and Copenhagen Games our team will keep on practicing in Kiev in order to approach the latter in its best possible shape. Few days after coming back from Copenhagen while hopefully doing good in the regular matches of Starladder fifth season Natus Vincere will once again come to LAN to fight for the champion title of the season.
While our CS:GO guys are travelling the local tournament circuit, our Dota2 squad will fight online to advance into the finals of EMS One which will take place on 20-21 of April (presumably, in Poland). After it's done, the team will start practicing for the China trip during which the guys will work hard to get ready for the upcoming season of G1 League in Shanghai. While Dota-players will be testing their powers in China, Zeus and his teammates will be visiting Minsk, where there will be another Techlabs stop (May 18th). Finally, Na`Vi will send its CS:GO roster to Sweden in order to compete at Dreamhack Summer 2013.


Natus Vincere's schedule for March-June
Dates Tourney City CS DotA2
23.03 Techlabs image Moscow + +
27-31.03 Copenhagen Games image Copenhagen + -
4-7.04 Starladder V image Kiev ? -
20-21.04 EMS One image Katowice - ?
8-?.05 G1 League image Shanghai - ?
18.05 Techlabs image Minsk + ?
15-18-06 Dreamhack image Jönköping + +


Please note that the tournament schedule above represents only the local events and is subject to change.


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