Natus Vincere Weekly Review #7

We did it again! The seventh edition of Natus Vincere's Weekly Review has arrived! In this episode: the organization opens up a hockey department, Daniil takes away the Ring of Absolute Power the captain's armband from Clement, Indians come to the rescue, the details of the GPM Show and following tradition, you'll find the sink-meter (which was too expensive for Sergey Brin to buy) in the end of this article.


We'll start with the participation of the DotA2-roster in the G-1 League qualifier where Natus Vincere got a good start but failed to keep the momentum going afterwards. According to the match results against Dignitas, the server selection was really a big issue. As you already know, the first game which took place on American server went in favor of our opponents while the two remaining matches held on the European part were won by Na`Vi. The fortune was really kind to Natus Vincere last week. Unfortunately, this time the god of skill turned his back on the team, that's why the other two matches were a disaster which closed the door to the upcoming season of G-1. Darth Vader won't do the sink-a-lytics - there are comments and haters to get this job done. He'd be better off telling you the reason why the team sucked such low level play, which doesn't correspond to the world class standards of competition in DotA2-community, occured:


Based on the real story: after the game versus Team Liquid the players were invited to a restaurant. They were mad at themselves for the defeat. Especially XBOCT. Why him - nobody knows. After having a couple of beers, the players came to a conclusion that EMS along with the enduring "bootcamp" has worn out the players to such an extent that they couldn't physically give their best to the preparation for the qualifier. They decided to play at G-1 from their homes after EMS.

What do we learn from this story? As weird as it may sound, professional gamers may sometimes get worn out because of their hard work, you know.


While the DotA2-players are making their way home by train with Daniil, we're moving onto the enterprising Indians, who are always there to save the day like Chip&Dale. While everyone else was trying to identify the hackers who were attacking G-1, forcing the organizers to postpone the matches, the Natus Vincere organization got the following mail:




DDoS problems? Pay $4,000 to the Indians and sleep well. As a bonus, the IT-specialists from India will also remotely open your "third eye". What have we learned from this letter? There's Internet in India, too.

While you're pondering the possibility of smashing your piggy bank in order to protect yourself from DDoS-attacks, we're going back to the fact that fortune was really kind to the team last week. Thus, Strelok who performed at DH Stockholm got in a tough spot with two other players. We would love to say that this spot included hot girls, alcohol, and fast cars but it's StarCraft after all. The thing is, Strelok and two other players finished their matches in the group with the same number of points. The rules and regulations of the tournament say that such situations should be decided by the additional games. So, they played but the result was the same: 1 win and 1 loss for every player. So, they played more. The result remained. The players played on and on but the organizers decided that they were just being trolled and responded in the adequate manner:



Strelok got lucky. The takeaway? In eSports, the flip of a coin can decide people's destinies.


While Strelok who gained faith in his own luck was trying to hit the jackpot on the slot machines in a desperate hope to get really lucky once again, the first representative of Na`Vi.Hockey appeared in Stockholm:



What do we take away from this story? The uniform of team Natus Vincere is just unbelievably cool.


Do you dream about becoming a hockey player getting some apparel from Na`Vi? Then the first DotA2-show is waiting for you. Last week, Darth Vader announced the GPM Show which was supposed to give a chance to the invited player to prove his farming skills. For the pilot episode of the show, we decided to invite the most heartfelt Russian streamer, vice-champion of EMS One 2013 and all round cool guy - Andrey Golubev, otherwise known in the community as M5, 3D RoX.KiS.Dread. The first show will take part on May 5th, at 19:00 CET.

The last piece of news before the sink-meter will be the unexpected decision of Natus Vincere to give the role of team's captain to Daniil who proved he's got some interesting ideas in his head about the necessary picks in the game. The show-match between RoX.KiS and Natus Vincere was indeed exciting: even though there was only $1,500 at stake, the teams were trying their hardest to provide their fans with amazing show:


What do we learn from this story? Money is nothing, image is everything.

Now, it's time for the SINK-METER, baby!


Event Level of immersion
Last week's standing 29 meters
Defeat from Alliance 5 meters
Defeat from Team Liquid 10 meters
No G-1 20 meters
DDoS-proof meter
Win a coin flip for the group stage 5 meters
Some hockey, some girls meter
First DotA2-show meter
Great show with RoX.KiS 2 meters
Dendi as a captain 5 meters
Total: ↑9 meters


Want to prove the sink-meter wrong? Welcome to the ban the comment section below! Suggest your own criteria for the sink-meter and if we find it good enough - we'll add it!

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