Natus Vincere partners with TGN

Natus Vincere is glad to announce the partnership with one of the leading e-Sports YouTube networks - TGN. This partnership marks a new age of our YouTube channel development and makes it possible for us to produce even more top notch Na`Vi related video content  on all of our YouTube channels.
"Natus Vincere is well known in e-Sports not only for its teams and outstanding achievements, but also for its popular and leading video channel", - says Mark Averbukh, Editor-in-Chief, "The partnership with TGN opens new opportunities for our video production and we are looking forward to remain the best in e-Sports and introduce Na`Vi to even broader audience. TGN is a team of professionals and so we did not think twice when choosing our YouTube partner". 
Learn more about our partners here:
Curious what TGN does for e-Sports? Then just check this awesome video:


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