Natus Vincere in September: The Numbers

Last month for our DotA 2 team was some sort of a transitional stage from the vacations after The International 3 to the 7th season of Starladder and even managed to conquer the beginning of the first group stage of the EMS One league. Both tournaments were on high priority for the team. Although some of the games included substitutes, the team has managed to show great results in this event. But what about the statistics of the team?


In September, Natus Vincere had 16 matches. Out of them, 15 were played in the regular season of Starladder VII, and one in the first group stage of EMS One. The Starladder matches were best of 2, while the EMS One are best of 3. We've lost only 4 maps in the whole SLTV tournament vs PR, Aspera, Quantic and Ahead.KZ.

Starting with the bans, the table, just like in the previous statistics article, is divided to 3 parts. Most popular bans from Na`Vi, the ones with the average score, and the ones who are rarely banned by our team.

The most unwanted hero for Na`Vi is still Batrider – he was banned 9 times only this month. No reason at all to explain the reasons for that. He is a good mid hero, offlane hero and a good initiator.


On the second place we have Io and Weaver. Same reason as Batrider. If Io is banned as a really good support for the opponents and has never lost his popularity, although last month his was banned only once by Na`Vi, Weaver in September is still popular after the attention he has gotten from teams in The International 3.


On the third place we have Naga Siren and Outworld Devourer that end the top 3 banned heroes from our team. By the way, these heroes are in the top of the Na`Vi bans list.

Troll Warlord deserves special attention here. In September, he has started getting popularity in captain's mode, then he was added to the competitive games draft. Other heroes are in the same positions as 2-3 months ago.

List of heroes that were banned only once is also pretty much the same. Now let's see heroes that our team has picked first:

Naix is one of the most popular Natus Vincere picks, and one of the favorite heroes for the carry of the team – XBOCT, and has taken the first place. It was picked first by the team 7 times, then we have Dark Seer, that we are used to see on the hard lane under Funn1k's control.


Now let's check the results of each player for the previous month:


In the first place, with the biggest amount of kills in one game we have Funn1k with 17 frags, leaving the mid and carry players behind. Dendi has the biggest deaths count, but the rest of the teammates is not so far behind. Puppey was the one to help with kills the most, and with the biggest amount of gold we have XBOCT, same with the amount of creeps killed in one game.


In a whole month, 2 Na`Vi players have reached more than 100 kills – Dendi and XBOCT, where Alexander has gotten the leadership, having 6 more kills than Daniil. Kuroky is the best when it comes to assists, and Dendi has died the most times. 


In the last days of October you can watch our team in the second group stage of WePlay Season 2 and Dota 2 Champions League.

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