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Today after the grand final event, OGN announced that Natus Vincere League of Legends team is one of the four foreign teams, which have been invited to participate in the Season 2 of AZUBU OGN The Champions tournament in South Korea.  Our team will be moving to South Korea at the beginning of July, where they will keep you fans daily updated with blog posts, twitter posts, photos, videos and by live streaming their practice!


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Before Season 1 started many people believed that either image CounterLogic Gaming NA or image fnatic will be crowned as champions of the tournament, because noone was familiar with Korean playstyle and their skill. Korean teams used element of surprise in their favour as they started making fans around the World with their great performances in the groupstages and making it really hard for image CLG and image fnatic to advance to the play offs. In the end, both foreign teams got knocked out of the first round in the play offs.


After a very successful first season, we can be looking forward to watching 16 teams compete for a prize pool of 150,000,000 KRW (approx. $132,000 = 102,000?). More info regarding the tournament will be announced in the upcoming weeks as we get closer to this epic event, so make sure to check our website!



Statemnt by image Philipp 'SAND' Bennek:


"We are all really excited looking forward to this adventure. Going to Korea and participating in the OGN tournament is a great chance for us. I hope we can improve a lot in our time there, learn from the Korean playstyle and teams and hopefully come back with a great result. Especially after our recent results and with our new player I think we should be a force to be reckoned with."


Statement by team manager image Luka 'lukz N' Druks:


"It is an honour to be invited to an event of such proportions! Everyone is really excited to be living together and to get to know each other even more. I have no doubt that the time in Korea will help us improve,  become more cohesive and maybe we can even pick up a trick or two from the Korean teams. We will do our best to represet Natus Vincere and Europe in front of the live audience and people watching stream!"





4 July - 10 August – Group stage

17 August - 8 September – Play-offs



Tournament system:


Group stage – Double elimination

Play-offs – Single elimination



Prize pool:


image1st place: ~ 42,500 $

image2nd place: ~ 17,000 $

image3rd place: ~ 10,000$

4th place: ~ 8,500 $

5th-8th places: ~ 5,500 $ each

9th-16th places: ~ 3,500 $ each



Other invited teams:


  • image
  • image Dignitas
  • image World Elite


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