Na`Vi BeanBoozled: test of luck


Not everyone knows that the players of UkraineNatus Vincere tasted the highly-explosive and dangerous line of sweets named "BeanBoozled" during their promo-trip to the office of our partners - HyperX. The product is unique cause of 20 tastes 10 tastes are ordinary (peach, pear), and the remaining 10 tastes are very specific (blue cheese, toothpaste). Moreover the colors of the sweets pairs are similar. It is unreal to determine the taste of the sweets in advance.


But players don't fear the risk. Watch Dendi, Goblak, Seized, Edward and XBOCT test their luck in the new video by our partners HyperX. Who was the luckiest one? Will the guys determine the taste of the sweets from the first seconds? It is amazing to watch their reactions!


Na’Vi BeanBoozled! | HyperX Moments


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#1 ca Shadow_king12 25 March 2015, 02:23
Oh yeah I remember watching this he he I love the part where Dendi and Seized both get skunk spray lol
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