Natus Vincere are proud to present you the alfa version of our new website - NAVI.GG. Despite this current alfa prefix, the site already has to offer quite a bit more than the previous version had with even more to come with at least two future updates.
At NAVI.GG every eSports enthusiast will be able to learn something new, to discover the hidden nuances of the game known only by our top players who wrote some articles on the subject in our brand new TWoP section (The Way of PRO). More than 50 articles are already available for you to read. This will allow you to improve your skills in CS:GO, DotA2, and World of Tanks. This knowledge base will be expanding in the future, of course.
Thanks to TWoP, you will find out how much experience you need to gain in order to improve in DotA2, how to perform efficient boosts in CS:GO, Garage in World of Tanks, as well as how to behave yourself if you don't want to get smacked in the face by your own teammate!
Check out TWOP now:
The whole NAVI organization felt your disappointment when you couldn't figure out the exact dates and times of the specific matches with NAVI players. So in order to soothe your pain we decided to invent the schedule ( for each and every NAVI team including our very own soccer player who has recently won the world championship in FIFA Online 3.
Also, we have revamped the mechanics of our own internal currency NAVI.GG - Gold. From now on, you will be earning it for different activities on our site. The most active user will receive a whole bunch of Gold once a day. Then this currency can be spent on different T-shirts and some other interesting merchandise from Natus Vincere.
Additionally, NAVI.GG offers a brand new shop where you will be able to purchase pieces of the team spirit at reasonable rates. For instance, you are already free to buy the peripherals by SteelSeries and Tesoro, as well as the super fast HyperX memory modules by Kingston . Don't forget about the branded NAVI T-Shirts, hoodies, and hats .
We could go on talking about this new version of the site for hours but we think that it's better for you to check it out yourself so don't foget to bookmark http://NAVI.GG and welcome to the eSports community and the home of the NAVI fans. Amen!
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#1 ca Bhob 9 May 2014, 20:51
Gotta keep getting stronger :D
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