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Today’s WildCard matches are over. During the games the attention was mainly focused on UkraineNatus Vincere, which performed very well in the first 4 encounters and defeated their rivals without a single loss. The last match was intriguing too. We watched Pudge + Techies performed by our players. However the effectiveness of this pics is put under question by the fans.


The journalist of the portal fiveplayers.ru decided to ask a couple of questions to the manager of our Dota 2 squad Andrew “Kimi” Kvasnevsky. Read below about the team’s mood, the readiness of the players and many other things.


Andrew, thank you very much for your time! Tell me about the team’s preparation to the tournament. Did you train much? Were was the bootcamp held?

We were training for 5 days. We spent 4 days at Cyber Arena (in Kyiv). I wish we’d had more time. Trainings were effective. The guys began to understand what they expect of each other.


Tell us about the mood in the team. After StarLadder there were rumors about the change of one (or a couple of) players. We even wrote about it. Do you think these rumors influenced the mood of the players and the team on the whole?

The mood of the team after StarLadder was really horrible. We were smashed by the defeat in the game vs MVP. However, we understood that we needed to make conclusions of the defeat and move on. It’s good the guys managed to make it.  I once again repeat that the team started to find themselves during the bootcamp. As concerns the changes, it is necessary to say that they were only the rumors. Nothing more : )


What do you think about your first gaming day, WildCard stage?

The day was quite successful for us. I’m very sorry for the other CIS team – PR. I wish they’d got to the main event. I don’t know what happened to them, but I think the guys will make the conclusions on their today’s performance.


What do you think about the tournament? Top-1?

All the guys are aspired to win at DAC. I hope you understood it, while watching the WildCard part. Additionally they wish to “calm down” the haters and prove (above all) to themselves and to the others, that they are the team that is capable to fight, to impose battle and to defeat top teams. We did have problems in performance, but in any condition Na`Vi is a dangerous rival and I think our enemies understand it.


Do you have any secret strategies? Will we see it at DAC?

Yes we have. We’re thinking about showing a couple of them before TI5 (c). The last WildCard game was for fun. The guys decided to make an amazing show. Though we didn’t manage to win since Wings were serious about winning, it was fun. I hope our fans liked it.


Thank you for your answers and good luck in the tournament's main stage!

Source: fiveplayers.ru

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