Dendi and Kuroky T-shirts in TI 4

Natus Vincere has presented two T-shirts prints in the Workshop as a part of The International design competition 2014 - Na`Vi Shadow Shaman T-Shirt and Na`Vi Pudge T-Shirt. T-shirts with prints of Dendi's and Kuroky's favorite heroes may be put on the market. But we need your help. These t-shirts will be for sale in the Secret Shop during the tournament in Seattle, as well as on our website if you vote for them in Dota 2 Workshop. You can do it by the following link.




Vote for Na`Vi Pudge T-Shirt



Vote for Na`Vi Shadow Shaman T-Shirt


Press "Rate" to vote for the T-shirt.



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#1 lt KanapeS 21 May 2014, 15:55
Nice shadow shaman style t-shit. But in black style it will look beter.Isn't it?
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