Na`Vi players speak about the recent matches


Substantial gap in economy, two lost sides, one more attack by the rival, which can be the final one,  Reverse Polarity,  Static Storm and the whole team of rival is dead - we think everyone understands what match we're describing. Yes, you are right - we are talking about the second map of the encounter with Russian Federation Vega Squadron.

The emotions felt by the viewers of the match can't be described. It was one of the best games of this year's qualifiers. What did UkraineNatus Vincere players felt while playing and afterwards? What did they think about? Due to Storm Studio you have an opportunity to hear the comments of the players.

UkraineDendiUkraineXBOCTUkraineFunn1kUkraineArtStyle and Russian FederationSoNNeikO shared their impressions. Enjoy the movie!



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