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image Natus Vincere has partnered with SFU Cognitive Science Lab from image Simon Fraser University to start a very interesting study on the acquisition of attentional skills and expertise in StarCraft 2. The survey is based around analyzing replay files and survey questions that can characterize differences across all skill levels, from bronze to professional.

Have a look at some interesting paragraphs from their website:

‘In natural environments, people use eye-movements to access information necessary for coordinating their motor-movements. Studies have shown that eye-gaze immediately precedes grasp (Hayhoe & Ballard, 2005); when you are making a peanut butter sandwich for instance, you fixate the knife before you grab it, the peanut butter before you get some on the knife, and the bread in the exact spot on which you will begin to spread.

Theorists typically ask the following sorts of questions; why is one person better than another at certain tasks? What does a professional do that a novice does not? What sets an expert apart from the rest of his colleagues? Most generally, expertise researchers are interested in examining how people learn and utilize acquired skills. Our goal is to understand how people learn what information is relevant to their task, and how they come to access this information efficiently.’

If image SFU Cognitive Science Lab can get 20,000 players across the full range of skill levels to participate, it will be, by several orders of magnitude, the largest expertise study ever conducted in any domain; bigger than any study on traditional games such as chess, or any sport expertise studies. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

We are very happy to assist SFU in this initiative and we would be even happier if you take the time to complete their survey and help them out! It takes just about 5 minutes! As simple as that!

Hop over to their website and take the survey!

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