Na`Vi at Arbalet Cup Best of Four


Recalling the past of Сounter-Strike, we present an article covering one of the most unusual CS tournaments — Arbalet Cup Best of Four. It was held in early April in the newly built "Kiev Cybersport Arena" and was the first grand tournament in Ukraine.


Two CIS teams (UkraineNa`Vi and Russian FederationUNiTED) and two Swedish teams (SwedenSK Gaming and Swedenfnatic) came to the tournament.


The format was very unusual. There was only one group consisting of 4 teams. Each team played with each team 5 maps. 3 scores were granted for the victory on the map. The team, which gained most scores in the group took first place. The Champion received $12 000, Vice-Champion — $6 000, third place — $3 000, outsider — $1 500. Therefore the total prize pool was $22 500.



The first matchday

The Born to Win opened the tournament.The new world champions of IEM were to fight against the Swedes of SwedenSchroet Kommando. The favorite of the match was our team. At the time nobody could compete UkraineNatus Vincere. The result was predictable: the Ukrainians won 3 maps, lost one map and played 1 draw map. UkraineNa`Vi gained 10 scoresSwedenSK had only 4.


The next match was Swedenfnatic vs. Russian FederationUNiTED. Few people believed the Russians would win and they were right. Swedenfnatic was the favorite of the match. Russian FederationUNiTED managed to win only 2 maps. As a result Swedenfnatic won 9 scoresRussian FederationUNiTED — 6. The tournament table after the first day:


# Team G V D L S
1 Ukraine Natus Vincere 5 3 1 1 10
2 Swedenfnatic 5 3 0 2 9
3 Russian FederationUNiTED 5 2 0 3 6
4 SwedenSchroet Kommando 5 1 1 3 4



The second matchday

The first match of the second matchday granted a spectacular show! UkraineNatus Vincere vs. Russian FederationUNiTED. Some thought both teams were equal, while others said that Russian FederationUNiTED had no chances, since this team hadn't managed to find their game, though being a perspective one. The flawless game of Ukrainian team didn't provide a chance to the Russians to earn at least one score. UkraineNa`Vi won at 5 maps in the row, gaining 15 scores. It made our team a confident leader of the tournament. Other teams practically had no possibility to catch up with the Born to Win.


The second match of the day was a Swedish derby. Swedenfnatic played poorly and managed to earn four score, their rival SwedenSK getting 10 scores. The tournament table after the second day:


# Team G V D L S
1 Ukraine Natus Vincere 10 8 1 1 25
2 SwedenSchroet Kommando 10 4 2 4 14
3 Swedenfnatic 10 4 1 5 13
4 Russian FederationUNiTED 10 2 0 8 6



The third matchday

The final matchday of the tournament began with the match between SwedenSK and Russian FederationUNiTED. The Swedes won 4 maps and lost 1 map. As a result Russian FederationUNiTED took fourth place in the tournament and $1 500 prize.


Two rivals UkraineNatus Vincere and Sweden fnatic finished the matchday and the tournament. It was this match, when UkraineEdward made his splendid 5 kills with USP, it being now a part of the history and Glory Hall of Counter-Strike! Let's recall this amazing moment together! Enjoy watching:



The Born to win proved that they were the first team in the world by winning their rivals in 2 maps out of 5. This was enough for our players to earn the champion's title and 12 000. Unfirtunately for Swedenfnatic 3 maps they won in this match didn't enable them to take second place. Instead they took third place, while SwedenSK unexpectedly took second place, overcoming their compatriots by 4 scores! The final tournament table:


# Team G V D L S
1 Ukraine Natus Vincere 15 10 1 4 31
2 SwedenSchroet Kommando 15 8 2 5 26
3 Swedenfnatic 15 7 1 7 22
4 Russian FederationUNiTED 15 3 0 12 9



Now it's time for the tournament's highlights:





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