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UPD: A video featuring the details of the prize pool theft.


Attentive Na`Vi fans must have spotted that 2 players of our star squads were missed for some time. These were Funn1k and Edward. While the CS:GO fans remained calm, Dota 2 supporters started to get nervous as they'd been watching the endless reshuffles this year. However there was no reason for anxiety. The truth is that our players went to... India! Be the first to find out what brought the Born to Win to this exotic country from our news. 


It was GAMEGOD that invited us to the other part of this world. A solemn opening of their new servers was held in sunny India. Not only did our guys participated in this bright eSports event but they also played a couple of show matches with the local players. Funn1k and Edward signed autographs, communicated with fans, and visited many booths of eSports companies where they managed to shoot in the shooting range and even dance. Everyone remained pleased, since we haven't seen such warm receipt for a long time.








Our players had a small adventure. Part of the prize pool of the event mysteriously... disappeared. The money was kept in the room where Funn1k and Edward spent much time. We asked both of the players about this event. As per moment an investigation is being conducted. As soon as we get any details, we will inform you.


Here are the interview we'd like to share with you:


Interview with  Funn1k
Interview with Edward



Investigation of the prize pool theft


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