Na`Vi presents Axe set


We haven't added new items to UkraineNatus Vincere Stem Workshop for a long time. We've followed the advices of team's fans and decided to add the new items sets less frequently.


We present a new set for Axe. The name of the set is "King Axe". This hero was chosen deliberately, because he is an icon of aggression in Dota 2. This brave warrior is capable to rush alone into a crowd of enemies and kill'em all. We consider that gaming style of Na`Vi is in ideal harmony with this awesome character.

So, meet: King Axe for Axe.




Creation of this set is a result of fruitful cooperation with Wemillion Vlad aka Vlad the Implyer. He is one of the leading developers of the items for our favorite game. About 10 of his works have been added to the client by now (e.g., famous spruce for Nature's Prophet).

Find below the list of links to his accounts in social networks, blog and twitch. Don't forget to subscribe. Be the first to know about his new creations!



Vote for set from your steam account. Follow the link and answer "yes" to the question "Do you wish to see this product in Dota 2?". The more votes we have, the sooner we see this set in the game.

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