Na`Vi begins partnership with Alienware




Being a leader in the e-Sports industry, image Natus Vincere strives not only for tournament victories but also carefully chooses its partners. Today we would like to announce a partnership that will make it possible to develop a series of truly unique e-Sports products.


As of Friday, April 13, 2012 image Natus Vincere presents Alienware as its official sponsor, a leader in the production of gaming laptops and desktops. Alienware products have always been a synonym for power and high performance, being a step ahead of all other manufacturers and providing the maximum level of comfortable gaming. Laptops and desktops by Alienware received numerous awards as the best computers for gamers, while their original design will be memorable to even the most demanding gamer. 


The partnership with Alienware marks the start of some yet unannounced projects within Natus Vincere and will greatly affect the shape of e-Sports in CIS and Europe. 


Comment by image Natus Vincere CEO, Alexander «ZeroGravity» Kokhanovskyy:


"I am confident that this partnership will mark an important milestone for our organization. Together with Alienware we will be able to launch two unique projects that will change the image of modern e-Sports. We will be announcing the details of our agreement and all the relevant info about these projects really soon on, so stay tuned!"


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