Natus Vincere's first CS:GO LAN appearan



As you may know, image Natus Vincere has always prefered LAN tournaments to online leagues and now, after three month of playing the new game, our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team will attend their first LAN tournament. The event called Esports Heaven Vienna will take place on February 22-24th at image Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna Hotel and will feature some of the best European CS:GO teams competing for a total prize pool of €10 000.


Starting from February, 10th, our players will gather at our office in image Kiev, Ukraine for a 10-days bootcamp, so you can expect hours of live streaming and video content from our base.


So far the following teams confirmed their attendance:


  • image NiP
  • image VeryGames
  • image 3DMAX
  • image Na`Vi


Team lineup:


image Daniil «Zeus» Teslenko (team leader)
image Ioann «Edward» Sukhariev
image Sergey «starix» Ischuk
image Arseniy «ceh9» Trynozhenko
image Yegor «markeloff» Markelov

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