CS Classics: Na`Vi vs SK [ESWC 2010]


The third episode of our CS Classics series features a quick review of ESWC 2010 grand-final between UkraineNatus Vincere and SwedenSK Gaming. The teams were competing for the champions title and the $ 36 000 prize-money, trying to prove that they deserve to be called the best in the world. The runner up of this close match received $ 16 000.


After UkraineNa’Vi’s triumph at Intel Extreme Masters, their chances to win were very high. All teams of the world knew who they were and tried to prepare new tactics and unpredictable moves for the matches against them beforehand. Each and every player was aware of the fact that this team was capable of doing wonders, so nobody could underestimate them.


The teams who took part in the grand-final knew the strategies of each other very well, and all Counter-Strike fans could witness it while watching the match. Close rounds and intense firefights made this game extremely enjoyable to watch. Of course, it couldn’t be compared to the famous WCG 2010 final, the winner of which was decided only in overtimes, but was worth the attention, as well.



de_dust2 was played first. The choice of this map was favorable to the Swedes and gave them the chance to compete for the title of the world champions on the equal terms. The game was incredibly intense right from the beginning, as neither Ukrainians nor their rivals made mistakes and gave the map control away. Motivation to win of both teams made this match truly spectacular to watch. The teams took turns winning rounds, so the final result was extremely difficult to predict. Unfortunately, UkraineNatus Vincere were defeated on the first map with a 11:16 score. But they were ready to fight. 



The next map, de_train, was without any doubts one of the best ones for UkraineNatus Vincere. They managed to demolish a lot of well-known opponents on it, including DenmarkmTw, SwedenfnaticSwedenSK, and even PolandGolden Five. This was the reason why most of the analysts were skeptical about the chances of the Swedish team, and only their most loyal fans believed in the 2:0 victory.


Right from the start, UkraineNa`Vi put a lot of pressure onto their opponents, winning clean rounds that were recreated by both amateur and professional teams many times after that. As expected, SwedenSK looked very shaky in both halves and were convincingly defeated with a 5:16 score.



After the score was tied 1:1, the last step on the way to UkraineNa`Vi's second world title in a row was to outplay their rivals on de_inferno. This map was also considered one of the best ones in the map pool of the Born to Win, and they have once again proved how good they are on it. SwedenSK couldn’t collect themselves and show a solid play, winning only 4 rounds on the decider map.


That is how UkraineNatus Vincere managed to earn their second title of the world champions in a row. Experience has shown that the warmest season works the best for our players, considering the number of the great victories that they managed to take in summer.



As for the players of SwedenSK, unfortunately, we can’t see the plays of this team nowadays. Some of them disagreed to transition to the new version of the game, whereas others finished their professional career even before the release of CS:GO. Anyway, they have left their mark in the history of Counter-Strike and will always be remembered by their fans!






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