Na`Vi competing in The Premier League Ma




Our team has been invited to TPL's Masters alongside image Darer, image mTw and image mousesports. We'll be facing the latter in our first match of the Winner's bracket today at 14.00 CET.

TPL Masters is an invite based tournament organised in cooperation with TwitchTV and SteelSeries. The top finishers in the last Premier League season get to battle it out in the course of two days for a prize of 500$. The games are casted by well known faces in the scene - image Luminous, image LD and image GoDz.



Winner bracket semifinal #1 image Na`Vi [0:2] (def win) image mousesports - 28th July, 14:00 CET

Winner bracket semifinal #2 image Darer [0:2] image mTw - 28th July, 14.00 CET

Loser bracket round 1 image Na`Vi [2:0] image Darer

Winner Bracket final image mTw [00:00] image mousesports, 29th July, 14.00 CET

Loser bracket round final image Na`Vi [00:00] image mTw / image mousesports 29th July, 16.30 CET

Grand final ??? vs ??? - 29th July, 19.30 CET


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#1 28 July 2012, 15:23
start ffs
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#2 29 July 2012, 19:49
Why did AA call CWM a fag and a faggot?
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