Na`Vi creates a Hearthstone squad!


Great news for all the fans of Ukraine Natus Vincere! Our friendly family has grown, three new players joining the club to represent Na`Vi on Hearthstone scene! It's great to see our favorite eSports club exploring and expanding into the Blizzard's world!


Hearthstone has acquired extreme popularity worldwide, which is constantly increasing. Many people, who play other games, often play Hearthstone in their spare time. Due to Blizzard's support, game's eSports scene is developing too, with its title having been added to the list of the disciplines of DreamHack, Gfinity, Starladder and WCA


The players, who begin their pass of the Born to Win, have already participated in many grand tournaments. Sweden Ostkaka took second place at SeatStory Cup III (the best players of the world participated in this event). Denmark Hoej won Viagame House Cup # 2 upon defeating all the opponents. In early September, he became the best at Gfinity 2015 - Summer Masters II. And this is not the full list of his achievements.

Germany Xixo is known for his performance in United States Team Archon. He used to stop one step from champion's title at many major tournaments. Germany Xixo got to the semifinal of SeatStory Cup twice. He had similar result at OGN Hearthstone Masters KR Season 3, where he was the only representative of Europe.


We're pretty sure that these guys will manage to open their potential playing for Ukraine Natus Vincere. You'll be able to see the game of our new players tomorrow at European qualifiers to Blizzon! 
Comment by Germany Sebastian "Xixo" Bentert:
"I'm really excited to team up with Na`Vi as well as my new teammates Ostkaka and Hoej. All of us are known mostly for tournament performance and hard practice. I believe that when working together with Na`Vi we can become the strongest Hearthstone squad in the world. We are Natus Vincere. We are born to win!"
Comment by Sweden Sebastian "Ostkaka" Engwall:
"I'm really excited to join Na`Vi and represent them in future tournaments. I know Na`Vi from other esports and I'm happy they decided to expand into Hearthstone. With two teammates I respect a lot I can only expect good things to come!"
Comment by Denmark Frederik "Hoej" Nielsen:
"Hey! I’m pleased and thrilled to announce that I finally can call myself a Na`vi boy. Pidgey (my budgie) has always had a crush on Na`vi, which also shows from her color. Moreover, I have followed "the Na`vi scene" for a long time because of my interest in DotA 2. In this regard, I’m happy that Na`vi has decided to expand their E-gaming horizon into the Hearthstone scene as well - and by picking up two of the best players out there at the moment in form of Ostkaka and Xixo it can only turn into something awesome! Finally, I’m honored and looking very much forward to represent Na`Vi in their first big Hearthstone Event this Friday - The Blizzcon Qualifier - together with Xixo and Ostkaka. This will definitely be the start of something unique".
Comment by the squad's manager Belarus Pavel "Koldyn" Skripko:
"Hello, everyone! We are very glad to join the big and united family of Natus Vincere. The players are extremely motivated, and this means that all the rest depends on luck. Support us and wish us as much luck as possible".
Comment by Na`Vi's global team manager Ukraine Igor "Caff" Sidorenko:
"We have come a long way before opening a Hearthstone division. The fact how difficult and time-consuming it was makes us even more happy to have the opportunity to work with three wonderful players. I truly hope that they will be able to show their fullest potential with us, and that we all will receive a ton of positive emotions thanks to the new Na`Vi wins".
Germany Sebastian «Xixo» Bentert
Sweden Sebastian «Ostkaka» Engwall
Denmark Frederik «Hoej» Nielsen




top 2  place — The Pinnacle 1
top 3top 4 place — OGN Hearthstone Masters KR S3
top 3top 4 place — SeatStoryCup III
top 3top 4 place — SeatStoryCup II
top 2 place — SeatStory Cup III
top 5-8 place — ASUS ROG Summer 2015
top 1 place — Viagame House Cup #2
top 1 place — Gfinity 2015 - Summer Masters II
top 3top 4 place  — ASUS ROG Summer 2015
top 5-6  place — Summer Circuit Finals
top 5-8place — Viagame House Cup #3


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