A one-year path: Na`Vi.CS:GO in 2016


With 2017 around the corner, we are ready to recap the past year results of our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster. Today we will be reminiscing on our three best tournaments, determining MVPs and looking at the most impressive individual performances of our players.

Best tournaments in 2016


You may find the tournaments which the team won listed below. We all know that Born to Win were having a rough time winning in the final - they were falling short time and again. In 2016, the players took part in seven grand finals: they came out victorious in three of them and were defeated four times. Let’s take a look at how these tournaments went.





This event was the first step on our players' path to success. In the group stage, CIS Na`Vi clashed against Denmark SK, Brazil Luminosity and International FaZe. Having outplayed the Danes from Denmark SK, the players went on to defeat the European International FaZe roster with 16-9 on the score line. Then, Born to Win encountered  Denmark dignitas, who at that point of time reached their best shape, and were able to win 2-0, getting to their second grand final in 2016.


There is no doubt that this game was the hardest one for CIS Natus Vincere at DreamHack ZOWIE Open Leipzig 2016, but the guys were able to outplay their rivals 19-16 twice, on de_train and de_cbble.







The next on our list is Counter Pit League, the last event before the first major, MLG Columbus. The tournament saw eight teams converge, and CIS Natus Vincere had to face perhaps the toughest opponents - Poland Virtus.pro and Denmark Astralis


First, let’s recall the first playoff round, where Born to Win faced another CIS representative, Ukraine FlipSid3. Many fans expected to see a fairly easy victory of CIS Na`Vi, but Ukraine B1ad3 and his team showed decent resistance. The teams played three maps to decide the winner, and it was CIS Na`Vi  who advanced to the semifinal. There, our players clashed against their old adversaries, Poland Virtus.pro, with whom they played two close matches, but were able to win - 16-14 on de_overpass and 16-12 on de_train.


The last obstacle on their way were Denmark Astralis, and although the teams needed three maps to decide the winner, we haven’t seen a real fight - on each of the maps there was one team dominating. Luckily, CIS Na`Vi were able to score their second title for 2016, and - what is even more important - gain neededed confidence before the upcoming Valve-hosted event.







The next victory was achieved with the revamped roster, when the young prodigious Counter-Strike player Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev stepped into the shoes of Na`Vi’s long-tenured leader Daniil “Zeus” Teslenko. ESL One NY was an important milestone in the team’s history - before that the players failed at StarSeries S2 in Kyiv. Besides, that was the first victory for CIS Natus Vincere at the tournament with the prize pool over 250 000 $, and the guys were able to break the curse of second places. ESL One NY was a show time for Ukraine s1mple, who clocked in an incredible rating of 1,29 and received a title of the tournament’s MVP. 


The rivals were picking the worst map for our guys, de_cbble, throughout the entire tournament, and each time Na`Vi had to play at a disadvantage. The fact that they managed to win regardless evinces that the arrival of Ukraine s1mple brought confidence into the team.  




Best players before and after Zeus's departure

During the time when Zeus played on the roster, there were two prominent players on the team - namely, Slovakia GuardiaN and Russian Federation flamie. The former did worse than usual only once this year, at MLG Columbus. Other than that, he showed lots of impressive plays, clocking in the average rating of 1,12. His most impressive event was Counter Pit League Season 2, where Ladislav scored 1,38.



Moving on to flamie, the Russian player was one of the most valuable CIS Natus Vincere players of the year, as he has done much for the team’s success. His best tournament was DreamHack ZOWIE Open Leipzig 2016, where he scored a 1,28 rating.



After Zeus's departure, the clear MVP of the team has been Ukraine s1mple, who appeared lucklustre only once at SL i-League StarSeries S2. The rest of the tournaments saw him play in a beast mode and garner up comparatively high stats. His best results were scored at EPICENTER: Moscow (1.37) and ESL One NY (1.29), and the latter saw him pick up the MVP title.


Best and worst maps

The last thing we'd like to review today is the map statistics.



As can be seen from the tables above, de_overpass has been the most successful map for Born to Win, on which the players were able to score 78,6 % win rate; the most picked map of the year has been de_train. The worst map has been de_nuke, where the team scored only 2 wins in 6 matches (33,3 % winrate). 








Placement Tournament Tournament status Host city Date Prize pool
top 3 EPICENTER: Moscow World Championship ru Moscow 17.10.2016 — 23.10.2016 $ 40 000
top 1 ESL One: New York 2016 World Championship us New York 30.09.2016 — 02.10.2016 $ 125 000
top 5-8 ESL One Cologne 2016 World Championship de Cologne 05.07.2016 — 10.07.2016 $ 35 000
top 4 ELEAGUE Season 1 World Championship us Atlanta 24.05.2016 — 30.07.2016 $ 60 000
top 2 StarLadder i-League Invitational #1 World Championship ua Kiev 19.05.2016 — 22.05.2016 $ 20 000
top 2 DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016 World Championship se Malmö 12.04.2016 — 17.04.2016 $ 50 000
top 2 MLG Major Championship: Columbus World Championship us Columbus 29.03.2016 — 03.04.2016 $ 150 000
top 1 Counter Pit Season 2 Finals World Championship hr Split 17.03.2016 — 18.03.2016 $ 40 000
top 4 IEM Katowice 2016 World Championship pl Katowice 02.03.2016 — 06.03.2016 $ 20 000
top 1 DreamHack ZOWIE Open Leipzig 2016 World Championship de Leipzig 22.01.2016 — 24.01.2016 $ 50 000
top 2 SL i-League StarSeries World Championship by Minsk 13.01.2016 — 17.01.2016 $ 40 000


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