Na`Vi secures the 2nd place at ESL SEA


Today, UkraineNa`Vi played versus SwedenFnatic in the final match of the ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 Finals, the last LAN event of the year.The first map was Inferno, picked by Fnatic, where the Swedish squad won the knife and the pistol rounds. Then in the third round Russian FederationDenis "seized" Kostin and UkraineLoann "Edward" Sukhariev held the A bombsite in a 2vs5, however Fnatic answered back in the next round to make it 1-2. Na`Vi then started to pick up momentum with Russian FederationEgor "flamie" Vasilyev leading the charge, and won 6 rounds in a row before Fnatic finally managed the answer back to make it 7-3. Fnatic kept trying to enter the A bombsite but were constantly shut down, as Na`Vi continued to hold tight and cruised to a 12-3 lead at the half. Na`Vi out maneuvered Fnatic to win the pistol round and seemed to be on the verge of winning the first map, but Fnatic started to crawl back in the game. Na`Vi seemed stunned and had no answer for Fnatic’s defense as they continued to run down the clock - only when the game was at 13-9 did Na`Vi win their second round of the half. Fnatic continued their advance and broke Na`Vi’s economy over and over again, and eventually won the first map 14-16 in a surprising comeback. 


de_inferno went fnatic's way after a frustrating second half. (


Na`Vi picked Dust2 as their first map, and Fnatic once again won the knife and the pistol rounds. This was due to the credit of SwedenRobin "flusha" Rönnquist, who led fnatic to a solid 0-3. Na`Vi won their first buy round, but couldn’t follow it up with another one and Fnatic took a 1-4 lead. Na`Vi couldn’t break through Fnatic’s defenses, which lead to a 2-9 score. Na`Vi finally shook off what happened in map 1, and won four rounds in a row to end the half at 6-9. Edward, the pistol king, got 3 kills that helped the team’s victory in the pistol round. In the following five rounds the team rallied to take the lead at 12-9. Fnatic managed to punish Na`Vi’s aggression on the CT side, and won two quick rounds to bring the game to a one round difference. After a successful stop to Fnatic’s attempt to push B, Na`Vi seemed to be in cruise control to take Dust2. This wasn’t the case however, as Fnatic managed to break our team’s bank to take the lead back to their side at 13-14. Na`Vi tried but couldn’t force overtime after Fnatic’s match point, so the Swedes took the second map scoring 14-16 and with a 2-0 lead in the series.


flusha lead fnatic's path to a 2-0 lead. (


The game then moved on to Mirage, the second map chosen by Fnatic and, for the third straight time, they took both the knife and pistol rounds. This lead Fnatic to start Mirage in a strong fashion with a 0-3 lead. Na´Vi managed to win their first buy round, and the five following rounds getting a 5-3 lead. Fnatic looked like they were walking into a brick wall as they continued to fail to enter any bombsite, and Na`Vi took a 10-3 lead. Flamie’s 4K made sure that Na`Vi would be comfortably in the lead at the half. Na`vi’s 12 rounds in a row saw them going to the second half with a 12-3 lead. GuardiaN's 4 kills in the pistol round extended Na`Vi’s lead to 13-3, and as they won the next round it seemed to be the end for fnatic’s chances on Mirage. Despite the Swedish sides resistence, NaVi won Mirage 16-6 and kept their tournament hopes alive. 


Na`Vi snowballed their way onto an easy victory on de_mirage. (


flusha blocked them with a 1vs3 clutch. Na`Vi finally got a much needed round taking advantage of SwedenFreddy “KRIMZ” Johansson’s Negev purchase. They started to get back in the game closing in on Fnatic’s lead, getting it down to 1 round at 5-6. Fnatic then replied with 4 unanswered rounds to end the half with a dominant 5-10 lead on the T side. Fnatic’s pistol round victory meant that they were just 5 rounds away from winning the tournament, but Na`Vi weren’t ready to concede the win. They won their eco round, and the following two anti-ecos making the game 8-11. We continued to comeback into the game tying the game at 11-11 when Fnatic finally answered back. The Swedes took back the lead, and followed that up with a clutch defuse by KRIMZ. That round weakened Na`Vi, and Fnatic were well on their way to the win having a 11-14 lead. However Na`Vi’s resilience showed again, and they bounced back with thread rounds leaving the game tied at 14-14. This forced Fnatic to play for overtime which meant that Na`Vi had the lead for the first time in the game going into the last round. Na`Vi closed the 30th round down, and forced the game to go to the fifth and deciding map.


Na`Vi forced the game into a deciding 5th map. (


The fifth and deciding map was Cobblestone, and like four out of the five maps Fnatic won the knife round. A quick hit on A gave Na`Vi the pistol round victory, but they couldn’t transition that into an early lead. Fnatic answered back with their eco round victory, and followed that with with 3 more giving them a 1-5 lead. Na`Vi couldn’t manage to find a foothold on Cobblestone, and Fnatic’s lead kept on growing until it finally stopped after Na`Vi caught them off guard, and managed to get their second round on the board leaving the game with a 2-7 scoreline. Na`Vi picked up momentum, and managed to shorten Fnatic’s lead to 1 round before the Swedish side bounced back to grab a 6-8 lead. Fnatic then closed down the half, after SwedenDennis "dennis" Edman pulled off a 1vs2 clutch. This give them a 6-9 lead at the half that they extended by winning the pistol round, and the two follow up rounds. Na`Vi’s tournament hopes started to fade as they failed to win their first buy round, and Fnatic were just three rounds away from the victory. Na`Vi had little chance to comeback, and Fnatic took Cobblestone 6-16. With that final victory Fnatic won the ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 Finals.



Na`Vi finish off the year 2015 with a strong perfomance in the tournament that gives fans a reason to look foward looking ahead. 


The final standings for the ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 Finals:

  - $100,000 - Swedenfnatic

 - $60,000 - UkraineNatus Vincere
- $25,000 - Denmarkex-TSM, FranceTeam EnVyUs
 - $12,500 - United StatesLiquid
 - $7,500 - CanadaConquest, United StatesCLG
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