Natus Vincere won ESWC 2015!


Neither visa issues, nor the delays in games can stop Ukraine Natus Vincere on their way to victory! If the Born to Win set their goal, they'll pursue it till the end! They've proved it upon entering the finals of ESWC 2015 Montreal, where they were to encountered North America's most powerful team - United States Cloud9.


ESWC 2015 Montreal

Inferno(16:3), Dust2(14:16), Overpass(16:14)

Team squads:

Teslenko "Zeus" Daniil Ukraine
Suharev "Edward" Ioann Ukraine
Kostin "seized" DenisRussian Federation
Vasiliev "flamie" EgorRussian Federation
Kovacs "Guardian" Ladislav Slovakia

United States Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert
Canada Mike "shroud" Grzesiek
United States Sean "sgares" Gares
United States Tyler "Skadoodle” Latham
United States Ryan “fREAKAZOiD” Abadir




After the triumph at ESL ESSEA ProLeague, when United StatesC9 managed to take second place, having been defeated by Sweden fnatic, much was expected of the American CS:GO team in the match against Ukraine Na`Vi. Some thought they'd easily defeat the Born to Win, while others thought it'd be a hard obstacle in the pass of our team to the victory.


The first map, inferno, was very easy for Ukraine Na`Vi, which by the way defeated easily Ukraine FlipSid3 Tactics on this map 16-1. From the very beginning of the match Ukraine Na`Vi began pushing its rivals, having conducted a phenomenal series of successful rounds! As a result Ukraine Natus Vincere won in the first half 13:2.



After the poor results in the first half of the game, the American players lost their heart and decided to save strengths for pick - dust2. So it wasn't hard for Na`Vi to finish their rivals – 16:3.




The second map, dust2, went under the Born to Win scenario in the beginning. Ukraine Na`Vi's offence was unsurpassable. However, the Northern Americans decided not to give up the second map easily and managed to spoil the game to our team in the first half. The resulting score was 10:5.



In the second half of the game, United StatesC9 gathered their strengths, managed to come back and defeat our team 16:14.




The game of Ukraine Na`Vi went wrong in the first half of the last decisive match. Our team lost  5 rounds in the row. However, after a time-out our team managed to demonstrate great performance and decrease the gap to minimal – 7:8.



In the second half of the game, the Born to Win showed an astonishing aspiration to win! Having lost gun round, Ukraine Na`Vi began to push their rivals twice as hard. They finally increased their scores. However after a series of successful rounds C9 evened the score 13:13. Well, our team is a master of come back. As a result 16:14 – Ukraine NATUS VINCERE WON ESWC 2015 MONTREAL!



Navi is the ESWC 2015 Montreal winner. What a match...

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