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Ukraine Na`Vi today faced Denmark TQM in the ESL ESEA Season 2 Finals, our team displayed a solid performance but this time we were not able to defeat our opponent. Map 1 went to TQM on Train with a score of 16-12. TQM came out looking very strong; taking the first 8 rounds on CT side until a time-out was called on the side of Na`Vi. After losing the first round after the pause, Na`Vi brought about their first win in the 10th round after Denmark Rene “Cajunb” Borg of TQM couldn’t secure the 1v2 clutch. At the half, the score stood at 12-3 in TQM’s favor. Na`Vi were able to clinch the pistol round at the start of the 2nd half. In round 14 Russian Federation Denis “seized” Kostin on Na`Vi managed to take the round bringing the score to 14-5, thus beginning a massive comeback for Na`Vi. A timeout was called on the side of TQM at the beginning of round 28, the score being 15-12 still in TQM’s favor. Unfortunately, the Danish offense was too strong as TQM took Map 1, 16-12.


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Map 2 went to TQM on Inferno with a score of 16-13. Pistol round began with Ukraine Na`Vi on defense as the CTs. Russian Federation Egor “flamie” Vasilyev opens up the frags with a kill onto Cajunb. TQM took round 1 after Slovakia Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács attempted the 1v2 clutch. TQM went on to win the next 4 rounds, only ending after seized succeeded in grabbing a triple kill to secure the bomb. Guardian lived up to his name in round 7 as he solo retook the B bombsite from 4 terrorists, bringing the score to 5-2. Na`Vi managed to bring the score up to a 5-4 deficit in TQM’s favor. Ukraine Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko came up massive in round 12 to bring the score to an even 6-6 as he defended mid from 3 terrorists with a brilliant M4A4 spray-down and an AWP flick, while seized cleaned up the remaining two. The second half began with a score of 8-7 in Na`Vi’s favor.


Pistol round opened with flamie getting the first frag, but with an unfortunate teamkill from Zeus, Denmark Finn "karrigan" Andersen managed to pull off a 1v2 clutch and defuse the bomb. Round 17 kicked off at 8-8 with another unfortunate teamkill, this time from from Ukraine Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev; Na`Vi still managed to secure the round bringing the score to 9-8 in Na`Vi’s favor. Flamie came alive in the 20th round with a brilliant B site hold, spraying down 3 CTs. With a score of 13-10, Na`Vi holding the lead at the beginning of round 24, Cajunb opened up the frags onto Zeus at the A bomb site. The Danish defense was too much for Na`Vi as TQM brought the score to 13-11. The score was tied 13-13 at the beginning of round 27 with TQM taking the round to take the lead back. TQM brought themselves to match point, 13-15, at the start of round 29 when Na`Vi fell to TQM.


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Ukraine Na’Vi will go on to face the winner of United States CLG vs. Brazil Luminosity as they keep fighting in the ESL ESEA Season 2 Finals.

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