Na`Vi facing the almighty Power Rangers



UPDATE: Our team grabs a decisive win over PR! Well played, guys!
There are less than 2 hours until the match-up with the Belarusian team. image PR's latest draw against image GoSu despite them having good players on their roster could still be considered an upset. The Rangers have been showing quite good play actually but unfortunately were never delivering results. That's definitely not the case with Na`Vi though as our boys have  nearly always been on top of their game. With a 7 win streak are the Ukrainians looking to exceed it or will PR suprise everyone in the scene?

Don't miss the streams tonight as we're in for a treat!

image English stream with PurgeGamers for the match against image PR 21.00 PM CET



image Russian stream with v1lat for the match against image PR 21.00 PM CET


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