How did you become a Na`Vi Fan?


What makes someone a fan of an organization? Why does someone choose to support one and not the other? These are the questions Ukraine Natus Vincere would like you to answer!


Being a Na`Vi fan means that you belong to an elite group of individuals. We celebrate together the success of the team, we hope together when we witness a rough patch and, most of all, we shout together when a player of ours makes a RAMPAGE in game. But where did it begin?


You have the chance to share your story not simply somewhere, but on the Official Website of your favorite team! Are you a die-hard Ukraine Na`Vi fan? Show us why! Describe what it feels like to be a part of the Born to Win family!


We are looking for personal anecdotes on how you became a fan or a story of your life that relates to Natus Vincere. Feel free to accompany the text with pictures, artworks, personal videos--  whatever you think expresses your feelings the best way! Gather your ideas and send them to!


Please write “Na`Vi Fan Story” in the subject of the e-mail. You should state your gamer tag at the end of the letter, or, if you wish, you can also give us your real name and country (if no name is specified, the e-mail might be discarded; real name and country are optional).

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raging SANTOL
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#1 ph raging SANTOL 1 December 2015, 07:54
i became a fan of navi because of dendi he is a very good, funny and respectful player and he is verry good in using pudge. and because of their strategy.. thats all

-raging KUKU
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#2 lb lordniykon 2 December 2015, 03:42
When I started following the scene, Na`vi had just won the first international in 2011. Then I started watching their games(old and new) and liked them a lot. One game that comes to mind was the legendary Na`vi vs MYM game in Farm 4 Fame on the Warcraft 3 engine. After TI, Artstyle left - this sucks because he is my all-time favorite player.

TI2 came and I knew very little about Dota 2. I had barely started playing for few months and while watching, I couldn't help myself but cheer for Na`vi for the level of plays they made. That's when I became a fan of the Puppey captained Na`vi roster which led me to like the entire organization. That is when LightOfHeaven and Ars-Art left. I felt like Na`vi couldn't recover after LOH left because it felt like he was the best offlaner in the world at that period.

Na`vi gave an amazing performace at TI3 as well, a mediocre performance at TI4, and then the last major roster change came which involved Funn1k and Kuroky to leave. It sucked that they left, but I was happier because Artstyle was coming back.

I feel like Na`vi didn't have much time to prepare for TI5. If they had 2 extra months they would've gotten top 8 in my opinion. And now, the team looks good with Ditya Ra and Ax Mo.

I hope Na`vi can get back in the game and get back to slashing all the ranks. This was more of a 'my journey as a Na`vi fan' than a 'how I beame a Na`vi fan' , but I feel like I needed to share all that.

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