A one-year path: Na`Vi.Yozhyk in 2016


We're summarising the eSports year for Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A. This time it's FIFA, in which we are represented by Ukraine Yevhen "Yozhyk" Mostovyk. We'll recall the tournaments and achievements of our player.


As per moment FIFA isn't as popular as Dota 2 or CS:GO. Nevertheless, there were plenty of tournaments for the discipline this year and Ukraine Yozhyk tried to participate in every single one he was invited to. The Fraternity of Peoples Cup for FIFA16 was the first tournament on our list. It was held on 8-10 April in Tashkent. As a reminder Yevhen dropped in the lower brackets after the defeat to Russian Federation Anox.Timon, only to be defeated by his friend and the champion-to-be Russian Federation RoX.Ufenok77.



Afterwards Ukraine Yozhyk went to Yiwu, China, where he played a showmatch in FIFA Online 3 held on 27-29 April at International Esports Tournament 2016. Since our player had been the tournament's champion in 2014 and 2015, he played against China's best player China DFB18CM and defeated him.



Afterwards, Ukraine Yozhyk went to another Asian city - Bangkok to participate in The Intercontinentals 2016. On 28-29 May, the most powerful FIFA players fought for a champion's title in FIFA Online 3. Yevhen wasn't lucky: he ended the decider match against Korea, Republic of VISUALBJS2 1-1. Unfortunately, according to the tournament's rules his rival advanced to the playoff as he was the first to score the goal in the match. Later the Korean player became the champion. However, the organizers did apologised to Ukraine Yozhyk and promised to change the rules of The Intercontinentals.



There was a summer break following the tournament. Electronic Arts presented the new version of FIFA on Frostbite EngineUkraine Yozhyk highly estimated the new version of football simulator and claimed he was looking forward to the game's official release. Before EURO-2016 Yevhen played a couple of matches against the players of National Team of Ukraine.




In September Ukraine Yozhyk participated in Ukrainian qualifier of ESWC 2016. Unfortunately, he couldn't qualify. Ukraine Yozhyk took first place in the group stage earning 15 of 18 scores. However, in playoff stage Yevhen was defeated by Ukraine FEARGGWP and dropped to lower brackets. In quarterfinal match he lost in a match against Ukraine TORNADO ROX.Tiko91.




With the release FIFA17 a new game mode was introduced - Weekend League. A player plays 40 matches. The global ranking is based on the results of 40 matches. Twelve best players are invited to regional LAN-finals. Twice Ukraine Yozhyk won all 40 games: at Weekend League #2 and Weekend League #7, pleasing the fans and surprising other FIFA players. Unfortunately it didn't help him secure the slot at Paris tournament.




Ukraine Yozhyk had one more chance to get to France championship by winning EA SPORTS FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Qualifier held at DreamHack Winter 2016 on 25-26 November. Over 300 players came to Sweden to test their luck. Ukraine Yozhyk passed the group stage without problems and began the playoff stage well. Unfortunately, having been defeated by Sweden Hashtag.BorasLegend, Ukraine Yozhyk dropped to lower brackets, where he lost to Sweden Zimme taking fourth place at the tournament.



Once again Ukraine Yozhyk met Sweden BorasLegend at EA Champions Cup Winter 2016 for FIFA Online 3 held in Bangkok on 17-18 December. Together with the Swedish player and France Juliiianoooo Yevhen played in team International United Console fighting against the best players of Asian region. Ukraine Yozhyk successfully advanced to the playoff on the first day. Unfortunately, the Asian players turned out to be more experienced in FIFA Online 3. The European team took 4 place at the tournament.


*     *     *


That was the eSports year of Ukraine  Yevhen "Yozhyk" Mostovyk. The next year will be more tense, as Electronic Arts is planning to develop and support eSports part of FIFA. Our player will most likely go to Asia again, where competitive FIFA is very popular. We're looking forward to his victories!

Achievements of Na`Vi.Yozhyk in 2016

Place Tournament Tournament status Venue Date Prize money
Top 4 EA Champions Cup Winter 2016 World championship th Bangkok 17.12.2016 — 18.12.2016 $ 11 000
Top 4 EA SPORTS FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Qualifier DreamHack Winter World championship se Jönköping 25.11.2016 — 26.11.2016 $ 1 000
ESWC Ukraine 2016 Local tournament Ukraine Kyiv 24.09.2016 — 25.09.2016
Top 5-8 The Intercontinentals 2016 World championship th Bangkok 28.05.2016 — 29.05.2016 $ 1 950
Top 3 Fraternity of Peoples Cup Local tournament uz Tashkent 08.04.2016 — 10.04.2016 $ 150


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