Na`Vi.G2A new gaming house in 360!


Practices are the key to any team's success. And the best arrangement of practices is a bootcamp. Finally we've created the place where our players can dedicate themselves to the game. Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A presents its brand new gaming house.
As you might know, our CS:GO squad spent about a week there on a bootcamp prior to the beginning of ELEAGUE Major 2017; and we've already seen the results of the bootcamp crystallized in a most outstanding performance by the line-up during the Major's group stage. See more in our Coverage. As per moment Ukraine Na`Vi Dota 2 is having a bootcamp there building their team and working on their new strategies.
Located in the suburbs of Kyiv the gaming house is a real self sustainable castle with everything needed inside it. You can take a look at it, as we've made a 360º Virtual Tour of the building. Enjoy the trip!

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