Na`Vi — champions of GO:CL Season 1


The grand-final of Global Offensive Champions League, where Ukraine Natus Vincere had to encounter the Danes Denmark Team Dignitas, ended a few minutes ago. Fortunately for all fans of the Ukrainian team, the winner was determined after two maps, and our guys became the champions of the first season of the tournament.


Considering the fact that  Ukraine Natus Vincere advanced to the grand-final from Upper Bracket, our team had a 1-map advantage and started the match from the 1:0 score. The first map, de_mirage, turned out to be quite close and was even brought to overtimes. As a result, our team managed to clinch 21:15 win. The second map, de_train wasn’t that intense. The Born to Win won the first T-side 11:4, and then closed series 16:9 facing no difficulties.



top 1 place - Ukraine Natus Vincere - $15 000

top 2 place - Denmark Team Dignitas - $8 000

top 3 place - Ukraine HellRaisers - $5 000


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