TI 2015: Na`Vi takes the first place in group B!


Yesterday our team played its last match of the group stage of The International 2015 qualifiers. Ukraine Natus Vincere encountered Russian Federation Yellow Submarine. The match was decisive for both teams, as in case of 2:0 victory the winner would obtain a chance to get to the play off stage.


After a loss in the first match against Russian Federation Vega Squadron, held on the second day of the group stage, the players of the "submarine" weren't ready to meet such powerful rival as Ukraine Natus Vincere. They didn't have time to aspire for the victory and increase moral before the match. They felt vulnerable in the first map and couldn't oppose effectively to our team. Ukraine Na`Vi didn't repeat a failure debut of the previous day and demonstrated a high level of performance from the very first minutes of the game. It took only 18 minutes of the match for Russian Federation Yellow Submarine accepted their defeat. 1:0 score guaranteed that our team would get to play off, so the fans relaxed a bit.



After a smashing lost at the first map, nobody believed that Russian Federation Yellow Submarine could offend the rival in the next map. The players being young, the losses impact their morale severely. The fans of Russian Federation YeS were much disappointed when the team picked Pudge Pudge, since this hero is almost never picked in professional Dota 2 scene, especially as concerns decisive matches. Ukraine Natus Vincere is the only exception of this rule, as Ukraine Dendi is famous for great performance of this hero. Who knows, maybe it was Dendi, whom Russian Federation Yellow Submarine wanted to impress.

We'll never know the truth. As concerns Russian Federation Yellow Submarine, they did manage to show great performance. They managed to regain strength and increase morale. A rather interesting tactics with Pudge Pudge brought particular results. "Yellow submarine" managed to show the performance, which impressed everyone on the first day of the group stage. There was a moment, when it seemed that Ukraine Natus Vincere could lose the second game. The match lasted for over 30 minutes, with Ukraine Na`Vi having advantage. Yet, the players of Russian Federation YeS managed to win some battles, which resulted in instability of the "gold graphs".


On the 36th minute Ukraine Na`Vi's advantage exceeded 10 000 gold for the first time, which put to question the chance for their rivals to win. Dark Seer Dark Seer and Earthshaker Earthshaker seemed to be the only savior for submarine's team, since these heroes can completely change the course of the battle in case their ultimates are used properly. However, the guys of Russian FederationYeS didn't manage to repeat yesterday's success of Ukraine Na`Vi. The advantage of our team had increased to 20 000 gold by 50th minute of the match,  Ukraine Na`Vi winning the game 4 minutes later.



Therefore, the Born to Win defeated the rivals at 2:0 score and guaranteed the first place in the group. This means that they'll begin the play off straight from the semifinal. However, it is yet unknown, which team will be the rival of Ukraine Natus Vincere in the today's match. The group's B second place is still at question.

The International 2015 qualifiers matches go on! Today we'll see 4 more encounters! Make sure to see at least some of them. Read our coverage of the European qualifiers:



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