Na`Vi.G2A to participate in The Summit 7!


The qualifiers of The Summit 7 are over! International Natus Vincere G2A have defeated Russian Federation Team Empire 3-0 and have earned the right to participate in the tournament's main event along with seven more teams!


Despite final result, the qualifiers weren't easy for the Born to Win. We began with the loss in a match against Russian Federation Vega Squadron in the group  stage. However, subsequently the guys managed to take revenge 2-1, thus securing a spot in the playoff.



Notably International Natus Vincere hasn't lost a single game in double elimination. Their final score was 7-0. On their way to the grand final they defeated such powerful rivals as Russian Federation Team Empire and Sweden Alliance. Defeating the empire twice!


International Na`Vi will go to Los Angeles to take part in the LAN stage of The Summit 7, which will be held on 14-18 June. The total prize pool of the competition will be $ 100 000. The participants include Russian Federation, China VG.J and International Team Secret, as well as those which passed the regional qualifiers.


We congratulate our team and wish them success in the upcoming fight at The Summit 7. We are sure that with your help International Natus Vincere will demonstrate their best game! Support International Na`Vi! #gonavi


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