Na`Vi going head to head with VP and CLG

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we suffer with 2 losses in our two games.

Our boys haven't had time to rest these days, as the action in the Dota 2 world hasn't simply stopped! They'll be facing image VP and image CLG tomorrow, at respectively 18.00 CET and 21.00 CET!
The first match will be a round of The Premier League, while on the other hand the second one is a StarSeries clash.

imageimage VP's recent acquisition of Darer's three former players - image Santa, image Dread, image NS and 2 legends in Dota's history - image KuroKy and image Azen, sets some pretty high expectations for the guys. Can they live up to the name of Virtus Pro? image Na`Vi is as tough opponent as you can get, but those players have always loved challenges. Can they do it? Tune in tomorrow at 18.00 CET and find out!

image CLG just recently officially announced the departure of image Loda, who signed with image Zenith just the other day, and image smulgulig who's going inactive in order to continue with his studies.  The addition of image Misery and image Lacoste will raise some questions regarding their performance even though CLG have  been playing with Misery since StarLadder's finals and have a long history with him. The Swedes have a lot to prove now to Icefrog and Valve if they want to be invited to The International. What better opportunity to start than a win against image Na`Vi? Can they do it, or will they fall short to our team, tune in tomorrow at 21.00 PM CET and see for yourself!

Six wins in a row, it's time to show some magic 8 balls! We'll keep you updated as always guys, follow and our facebook page!


Stream for the match against image VP, 18.00 PM CET



Stream for the match against image CLG, 21.00 PM CET!



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My comment is below, learn how ybuoute works. I removed the original one bc there is a typo again learn how ybuoute works. As far as the content of your post is concerned, I am not trolling by any means. I just wanted to explain to you the irony in talking down to the fans of good LoL players, when you yourself are on a video that is essentially for fanboys as you might say. If you disagree, then you clearly don't see my point we can leave it at that.
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